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Are you looking for exclusive Dates or an erotic adventure? Then TALEJA is the right place for you. On this dating website,  you may meet attractive singles from your city in Germany and plan your personal date. Adult dating has never been so easy.



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Casual dating with attractive singles

TALEJA is more than a regular online dating service. Here, you may not only meet the classic girl from next door and beautiful students. There are also many models registered in the single community. In a word: at TALEJA, you may meet beautiful and open-minded ladies who wish to experience exciting casual dates.

All singles at TALEJA know exactly what they want – and they say it clearly. As a man, you decide what your rendezvous should look like. Once your casual dating request is published, attractive single ladies will contact you to make your dream date come true. In the chat, you may then define together the exact details of your sensual online date.

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Attention, ladies: Adult dating with TALEJA is worth it!

With TALEJA, you take your casual dating experience to a whole new level. When it comes to connecting singles, we offer dates that really keep their promise. Because unlike other adult dating apps, here you already clarify in the chat how the date should look like – and what the man is looking for. This means: no unpleasant surprises! You already know what to expect, even before the first meeting.

Of course, you also call the shots. If a man has an idea of a rendezvous that differs from yours, simply don't accept his request. The date descriptions from singles quickly tell you if his ideas appeal to you. If so, chat with your favorite pick and enjoy an exciting time. By the way: Registration with TALEJA is completely free of charge for you!

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It all starts with a chat. During a first talk you will get to know each other and together you may clarify the details of your date.

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Flirting is totally hip in the TALEJA Single Community. Before you meet in person, you may already heat up the mood.

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Your date is finally happening! Now you will get to know each other in person and spend an exciting time together. You decide how far you wish to go.

This is how you experience sensual dates

Would you like to become part of the TALEJA Single Community? Make the first step and register for free on the online dating website. After registering, you may directly publish your first date request as a man, to which interested students, single ladies and models from Germany will then apply. Only if you wish to open a chat with one of your favorites, you must purchase Coins.

As a woman, you have access to the online date requests and may apply free of charge for suitable dates. Only if you wish to start chatting with a single man, you will need to purchase Coins. However, no matter who starts the chat: It will certainly be hot! You'll flirt and discuss the details of your casual rendezvous.

User defines what the date should look like

Dating in Frankfurt: Select time and date

Make your request for an online date

Making a date request offers many advantages for both sides. As a man, you may specify in advance how you want your rendezvous to look like: Do you wish to go out for dinner, have a few drinks, party, or something completely different? You decide. Once your date request is published, you may sit back and relax. Applications from attractive single women will soon come in.

For you as a woman, rendezvous requests have real added value. You don't just see what your potential date partner looks like, you will also find out directly what he is looking for. By that you'll know from the very beginning if your ideas match and if you could harmonize. If there is a date request you like, you may apply immediately with just a few clicks.

Introduce yourself to your chosen one

Guys, make the first step! If you particularly like a certain woman, contact her in the chat. Tell her a little about yourself and find out if you are looking for the same things. And as always when it comes to dating: Be charming.

Ladies, you too may take the initiative! If you like the profile of a single man at TALEJA, make the first step and start chatting with the chosen gentleman. He will appreciate you for contacting him. And who knows? Maybe you are laying the foundation for an exciting date. Or you may even find a charming lover.

Flirt with students, models and classic girls from next door

The TALEJA single ladies are beautiful and look forward to living erotic adventures with you. Organize your adult date today and experience sensual rendezvous with women from your city. It's best to post your date request online today.


Peggie, Late 20`s



Cathy246624, Late 30`s


NoDiva, Late 30`s



malisaforlove, 40 +


Marlene, Mid 20`s



Oceanne, Mid 30`s



Netlady007, 40 +



Lara, 40 +



Maria, 18-21



Lisa, Early 20`s



Danni, Early 20`s



Myla, Early 20`s



Anastasia.xo, Mid 20`s


Bela, Late 30`s



Lina123, Early 20`s



cherry, 40 +


Emilija, 18-21


TALEJA - a new kind of dating service!

At Taleja everything is possible – and everything is allowed. The German dating service lives from the open dialogue of its users. Everyone knows from the very beginning what awaits him or her. And you get exactly what you want. Because unlike classic online dating apps, here the man explains up front how he imagines the date. And the woman decides if she is open to his idea of a blind date.

You decide whether flirtation, romance or pure eroticism should be the focus – even before your first meeting. This distinguishes TALEJA from other dating sites and makes it the first choice among open-minded and attractive singles. Sounds good? Then join the TALEJA Single Community today!


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Beautiful female students

Meet singles online - reliable and safe

At TALEJA, all your data is encrypted and protected from prying eyes. In your profile, you are only revealing what you want about yourself – and only real Taleja users get to see your profile. Sensitive data, such as your payment information, is never publicly available. Your data remains anonymous and is completely secure.


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TALEJA - The new way of adult dating

TALEJA is a website for connecting singles in Germany – the perfect choice for everyone who wants to say goodbye to traditional dating portals and apps. Here, everyone gets exactly what he and she is looking for. The ladies know what to expect. At TALEJA, there are only real people with real emotions. Embark now on your personal adventure.

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