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Discover a new form of online  dating: With TALEJA. The Swiss single community enables you to make your dream date come true. Chat with attractive singles from Switzerland and arrange to meet for a drink, dinner or more. Attention: It will be tingling!



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Casual Dating in Switzerland with attractive singles

Fun for two, passion, eroticism - on the TALEJA adult Dating site these things are the main focus. Because this is exactly what pretty students, models and open-minded singles want. Unlike other singles meetings where one often does not know what the other person wants, the singles at TALEJA know exactly what to expect. So there are no unpleasant surprises.

This is made possible by the special concept of the TALEJA Dating service. Male singles describe their dream adult date. Interested single ladies can then apply for the date. In the private chat, you get to know each other, flirt as you like and talk about the details of your rendezvous.

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Chat with attractive single ladies and students from Basel

Why a TALEJA date is perfect for women

You know how it is: You feel like going on a blind date. But you just can't find the right single man. Well, you don't have that problem with TALEJA. Because unlike the classic speed dating apps, here you experience real casual dating. With men who are worth it. The trick: You see immediately what the man wants. In his  date request, you will find the desired time and place of your date. As well as his intentions.

Are you interested in an online date request? Then you take the next step. With only one click you apply for the rendezvous. Who knows? Maybe you will meet in person just a short time later. And best of all: Using TALEJA costs you nothing at all!

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It all starts with a chat. During a first talk you will get to know each other and together you may clarify the details of your date.

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Flirting is totally hip in the TALEJA Single Community. Before you meet in person, you may already heat up the mood.

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Your date is finally happening! Now you will get to know each other in person and spend an exciting time together. You decide how far you wish to go.

Experience Sensual Dates in Switzerland

It is very easy to experience casual dating. Just register on the TALEJA adult dating website. It only takes two minutes and is completely free. You will only need to purchase coins if you want to start a chat with a model, a single lady or a cute student. The registration, the profiling and the setting of the desired date are free of charge.

And what can the single ladies expect? As a woman, you can also access TALEJA for free - and then view the dating requests of attractive single men in your area. Are you interested in an online date request? Then apply with your profile per click and wait for an answer. Not in the mood to wait? Then start the chat yourself. In this case, you need coins, which you can easily buy on the TALEJA adult dating website.

User defines what the date should look like

Dates in Geneva: Select time and date

Attention men: Take your chance for an online date

Here we go. Submit your request for a casual date in Switzerland via the TALEJA online dating site for singles. Click by click you will be guided through the creation of your desired date. All you have to do is specify when and where the rendezvous should take place. And what you want from your attractive companion. Publish your adult date request. And soon you will receive the first applications from attractive ladies.

The female users of TALEJA can view the requests for their city at their leisure and then decide whether they want to apply for your request. Tip: If you stay charming in your request description and upload attractive profile pictures of yourself, you will receive even more applications for your casual date.

TALEJA affair site: You get to know each other in the chat

The date request has been published. The ideal partner search begins! A beautiful single lady has applied. The chat has been opened. Now it will be exciting. Because while chatting you will get to know each other personally for the first time - and you can check directly if you match. A hot first flirt is of course also allowed. Are the sparks already flying? Then meet up and get closer as soon as possible.

Talk about all the details of your casual date in Switzerland again. Communicate clearly what you expect and how far each of you wants to go. When everything is settled, you will have a sparkling time together. Let go and together enjoy the erotic adventure that awaits you. Meeting attractive singles online has never been so easy.

Meet students, models and classic girls from next door


Chantal, Late 20`s



Cherrygirl, Mid 20`s



SophiaDeFries, 18-21



Nilou, Early 30`s



Ambra, Mid 30`s



JOEJOE, 40 +



Rexiee, Late 20`s



Melina, 18-21



Mira, Early 20`s



Sunny, Mid 30`s



Ad, Late 20`s



Quinn, Late 20`s



Emilia_Berlin, Mid 20`s


Early 30`s



Fyona, Early 20`s



Angelina, Early 20`s



RooneyR, Late 30`s



MansRide, Early 20`s



Alina, Early 30`s



lin, Late 20`s


TALEJA Dating Service - better than every single meet-up

Dating apps are countless. And they all work on the same principle. You decide with the help of profile pictures with whom you want to chat and with whom not. A principle that does not always work. Women get too many requests. Men often don't have the opportunity to chat with an attractive lady.

With the TALEJA online dating service connecting singles, it is different. Here the single ladies apply to the men. The gentleman on the other side of the screen decides whether to open the chat. As soon as the chat starts, it is clear for both sides: We find each other attractive. And we are looking for the same thing. That is the secret of the success of the Swiss TALEJA single community. Try it out for yourself!


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Beautiful female students

Discreet and secure: Meet attractive singles online

Your personal details are safe with TALEJA. All sensitive data, such as your payment information and e-mail address, are never visible to other users. Only your profile is publicly accessible. And in this profile, you decide how much you want to reveal about yourself. By the way: The transmission of all data on the TALEJA platform is always encrypted.


Chat with a model from Lausanne on Taleja Dating Service

Modern partner search - with Casual Dating

No more fakes. No more disappointed expectations. It's time for some serious casual adult dating. With TALEJA you have found a place where you can fulfill your wishes for sensual encounters in style. As a man, you can easily get in touch with pretty students, models, and other attractive singles. As a woman, you will quickly find a friendly lover who reads your wishes from your lips.

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Get closer: Relive Swiss Dating!

Discover the world of online dating and meet attractive Swiss singles in your city now - with the TALEJA affair site.