A present for your date: These gifts are allowed

Small gifts maintain friendship. And in terms of love and affection, they imply mutual appreciation. However, on a first date, surprises can be daunting. About every second single feels that it is unnecessary to bring a gift to the first rendezvous.

And yet, it is possible to shine with a little attention on the first date. It all depends on choosing the right present. Here, you’ll find a few tips on how to win the heart of your loved one with a small gift.

These presents make a good impression at the first date

If you bring a little gift to the date, you’re telling your partner: “I’ve thought about you and would like to surprise you with something beautiful”. It’s a nice thought. However, if you show up with a huge bouquet of roses, that’s definitely too much.

As a rule: Keep it small. Let’s consider the big bunch of flowers. It’s simply too much. And honestly, this gift may even damage the rest of the date. Where to put the sea of flowers, if you wish to go for a walk?

Better: A single flower. One rose already shows that the person is important to you. Especially a single flower that has been picked by you. This means you showed some effort.

How to organize the perfect picnic – Watch this video:


Another gift that pleases both men and women: Date-related surprises. Imagine you an outdoor date with your chosen one. In this case, you could bring a few things for a picnic: a blanket, sparkling wine and some treats. The advantage of this gift: Again, the date partner notices that he or she means something to you. And at the same time the surprise is not directly a personal gift for which one has to return the favor.

And then of course there is still the personal present. Maybe your partner has told you which books they like to read, what kind of music they listen to, or what kind of drinks they like. Certainly, among these things you’ll find a small and inexpensive gift, which will bring great joy.

These presents are inappropriate

You see, bringing gifts for the first date is ok. You just have to be smart. On the other hand, with the wrong present for the date you won’t shine. Thus, avoid stuffed animals and other cheesy gifts.

You should also avoid large presents. Precious jewelry or expensive perfumes are nice gifts. But if you’ve just met, you should not overdo it.

And most importantly: Avoid hastily purchased gifts. Flowers from the gas station, for example. Simply arrive on time and have a nice time with your date partner. And who knows? If the chemistry is right, you will still have plenty of opportunity to bring a present at the next rendezvous.