A successful online date: Flirting tips for shy men

When you meet each other on an online dating site, from the very beginning you’re rather outgoing. You write about yourself, get to know each other and flirt wonderfully. And then, at the first personal meeting – suddenly you can’t find the right words.

Many singles know this situation. Especially those men who are a bit more reserved, don’t want to waste their entire arsenal of flirtatious tricks during the first date. That’s not a great idea anyway.

The good news: Flirting is very easy. Here are four tips on how to make things work with your sugar babe.

Four great dating tips

Don’t be too serious

Finally, what is flirting all about? First and foremost, two singles wish to approach each other sexually. With charming words and some teasing you get closer – and break the ice. For your flirting strategy this means: Transform a normal conversation into a flirtation. You can do this by talking about funny and exciting topics. Forget about your everyday life and enjoy a stimulating conversation.

Make her laugh

Making a woman (but also a man) laugh at the date is a guarantee for success. The released happiness hormones ensure that one feels mutual sympathy – and the sensual fun later in the evening will be even better. Thus, don’t forget to let your humor, which you have already used on the online dating site, also play in real life.

Flirting – the right way: In the video, you’ll learn how to do it. Watch it now!

Make a connection

Create contact

In fact, many women think it’s good for the man to take the lead when it comes to flirting. This includes body contact. That may sound a bit intrusive at first, however, it is the only way to clearly show your intentions – and to show interest to the woman at your side. For example, hug her when you show her something. Or gently stroke her shoulder when you’re laughing together.

No pressure!

This is the basic rule: There should never be any pressure during online dating! Dating should be relaxed, and everyone should have fun. Both you and your chosen one are certainly a little nervous before the first meeting. That’s completely normal. However, as soon as you meet, it’s important to get rid of the nervousness. Never forget it’s just a nice get-together or a date. In both cases, fun is paramount.

The perfect online date with the right flirting strategy

Flirting is not just for outgoing men. Everyone can flirt! And it’s really not that difficult. With the above tips you will surely spend a wonderful time with your dream woman. By the way: These tips can of course also be used by women!