Casual Date in Cologne: At a TV Show

Cologne, my home. I love this city so much. No wonder: North Rhine-Westphalia is truly gorgeous. And the people who live here are open and joyful. However, what I particularly like is the fact that Cologne is a media city. The world of TV and advertising has always fascinated me.

When I’m not sitting in the library and study for my degree in media studies, I like to date. It is always exciting to go out in the Rhine metropolis, to have a drink – and perhaps also to spend a hot night.

But to be honest: I haven’t had a date like the one last Friday for a long time. On the dating site TALEJA, I became aware of an elegant man named Noel who had tickets for a live TV dance show. Via the dating website, he was looking for a lady companion. I didn’t have to think twice.

On the website chat we discussed all the details about our rendezvous – and there were already some sparks. He wrote so charmingly. This further amplified my anticipation for our Casual Date in Cologne.


A special evening full of glamour


A special evening full of glamour

On Friday evening we met near the MMC Coloneum. This is where the show was to take place. Of course, I’d selected my outfit with great care: I wore a tight dress, sprinkled with Swarovski crystals, and a narrow, plunging neckline.

When Noel first saw me live and in color, he could hardly hide his enthusiasm. I liked him – that much was obvious. Slightly shy, yet self-confident, he hugged me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and put his hand on my hip to guide me to the entrance.

I liked his closeness and his touches. He made me feel like a stylish lady. And I also enjoyed his looks: Early 30s, gorgeous skin, a sexy three-day stubble, steel-blue eyes, black hair, athletic figure. A very handsome man.

Noel was well-prepared. We had tickets in the best section. Our seats were very close to the jury, with an excellent view of the dance floor. What followed was a stunning dance show. Professional dancers entertained us with their impressive dance performance. It was colorful, it was exciting – and simply beautiful.

Later in the evening, celebrities began dancing with the pros. It was a spectacle. Some were not so good. However, a few participants really stood out. One dance style particularly boosted my energy: Salsa. The choreography and the steps were so impressive. I didn’t even notice how I grabbed my companion’s hand and pressed it ever tighter and firmer.

After the dance, I looked at our hands and then into his mischievous face. Slowly he bent over to me and gave me a kiss. It was an extraordinary moment in an unfamiliar ambience. But it couldn’t have been better for me.

Late in the evening, the show was over. We strolled together through the quiet streets of Cologne until we stood in front of his house. I stayed the night. At a point where the date couldn’t get any better, it actually did. The sensual moments with him were truly incomparable.