Dating & Gifts – Yes, or no?

Meeting a potential new partner on a dating platform is always an exciting experience. You exchange messages. Get to know each other. Maybe there are some first butterflies. And at some point, the question arises: Should we meet in person?

Then comes the nice part. There is almost always a little excitement before the first meeting. You may finally talk face to face. Topics that were previously only slightly touched upon may be deepened. Maybe there’s a kiss. Or even more.

Among all this excitement, one question arises, especially for men: Should I bring a gift to the first date? And many women may also wonder whether they should surprise their date partner with a little present.

But is a gift really appropriate at a first rendezvous? What speaks for and against a gift on the first date and which presents are appropriate … Find out in this article.

A gift for the first date – a good idea under certain circumstances

Anyone who shows up at the first meeting with a huge bouquet of roses, expensive jewelry or other large gifts, certainly means well. But such grand gestures may have a deterrent effect. They tend to make the other person feel bad because they create a kind of guilt. Some women even perceive such a gift on their first date as an absolute no-go.

Nevertheless: As we all know, small gifts keep up a friendship. And a little attention creates sympathy. Of course, this makes perfect sense at a first personal meeting.

It is therefore a question of finding the right balance. And that’s really not so hard. Most of the time, the idea for a present already arises in the chat. Anyone who listens closely – or reads carefully – knows what the other person likes.

Perhaps he or she likes a certain type of chocolate. Or has a favorite flower. A single flower, beautifully arranged by a florist, or just a bar of the favored chocolate – such gifts show: I listen to you and you’re important to me.

Attractive single lady flirts at the bar

Gifts at the first meeting: A men’s thing?

First of all: No one is obliged to bring a gift for the first date. That’s really up to everyone. But is there a difference between men and women?

Clearly, no. Even a lady may surprise her chosen one with a little attention. After all, we live in a time where emancipation is not only spoken of, but also lived.

By the way: As an alternative to the gift, you can – quite classically – invite each other for a drink. It is very charming when the man takes the first step. If you throw the next round after that, that’s absolutely ok. But again, it’s not a must.

Conclusion: Bringing a gift to your first date is a nice touch. But it is not a must. If you find each other attractive and likeable, gifts are just a nice accessory – but never an obligation.