Dating success: Champagne and Prosecco in the chat room

Let’s be honest: Just because you’ve given a ‘Like’ on a dating site or contacted each other doesn’t mean that the following chat will be a success. Even if you reply promptly and try to keep the conversation going, that doesn’t mean that the object of your desire will actually write back. But there’s a simple trick to keep the chat alive. Just write about your drinking habits. Seriously!

Dating tip: Mention champagne in the chat

This is how things usually go: You meet for a date. Normally, you drink a cup of coffee together and that’s it. If the date was good, the second date takes place in a cocktail bar. You’ll have a drink together – and maybe you’re getting closer.

You could transfer this dating phenomenon into the chat world. A conversation about alcoholic beverages loosens up the chat atmosphere and makes for an interesting conversation.

But how can that be?

First of all, the hard facts: A large American dating portal launched an investigation into the drinking and dating behavior of its users. Nearly 9,000 singles were surveyed, and more than 130,000 chat messages analyzed.

The exciting result: There is a connection between success in chats and drinks. If you specifically include alcoholic beverages in the chat history, not only the probability of a reply increases, but also the speed at which it occurs.

You may find out how to convince women in a chat in this video:

If you’re talking about champagne, prosecco, sparkling wine or similar drinks, for example, the response rate will increase by almost 30 percent. A three times higher probability of response just because you mentioned sparkling wine? It’s a fact!

The same is true of cocktails. The classic Long Island Iced Tea gives you a 15 percent higher answer chance. Caipirinha still scores with 10 percent.

Non-alcoholic beverages are also a dating factor

What if you don’t drink alcohol? Even then, mentioning drinks in the chat will help you. The study also showed that drinks such as Ginger Ale and Matcha provide a better response rate. Who would have thought that?

By the way: Of course, alcohol is also allowed on a first date. It loosens inhibitions and allows a more open conversation. By the way, the first choice for the ladies is a glass of wine. More than half choose this drink at a first rendezvous. For men, it’s the good old beer. Both are a wise choice: After all, you don’t want to get helplessly drunk on a stylish date. A little swoop is ok. Heavy drinking at a first meeting is a no-go.

There is only one question left: Which drink should you mention in the chat? A tip: Choose a rather fancy creation. This fuels curiosity among the other chat participants. Or you could simply name your favorite drink. This way, you may find out if your chat partner shares your taste.