Flirting: Five ideal locations to meet other singles

Excitement, anticipation, butterflies, seduction … No, this is not about your first night together. It’s about the first meeting, the first encounter. In short: We’re talking about flirting.

Since Tinder & Co. it has become normal for singles to get to know each other digitally and to meet then in reality only later. If it ever gets that far. But how nice would it be to just run into Mr. or Mrs. Right without a previous agreement?

In fact, there are some places where talking to other attractive singles is easy – Simply in everyday life, without being obtrusive. In this article you will find out which locations are the best for meeting singles and flirting.

Four perfect locations for flirting

Club or Disco

Absolutely obvious and yet often ignored: Those who like to party on the weekend and visit their favorite club should not miss this opportunity to flirt. After all, the conditions couldn’t be better: The mood is good, you all dance happily, and an alcoholic beverage reduces inhibitions.

You’ve spotted an attractive woman or a handsome man on the dance floor? Don’t dance too close to them! That may look cheap and clumsy. The perfect moment: either at the bar when he or she is ordering a drink. Or in the smoking area in front of the door. It is quieter there and you may have a real conversation.

Fitness Center

You’re fit, you can truly feel the adrenaline – and you’re surrounded by attractive people. Including many single women and men. We’re talking about the gym. Here you meet people who pay attention to their appearance and their health. Perfect.

If you want to flirt at the gym, you should be careful. Not everyone likes being disturbed or interrupted while exercising. Thus, take your chance when he or she is just taking a break from exercising.

Find more flirt locations in this video:



Everyone has to go grocery shopping. Even potential partners and pretty dream singles. So why not combine the everyday walk to the supermarket with the beautiful things in life? Chances are that an attractive single is waiting in the aisles.

There is no such thing as an insider tip about where and when to start a conversation in the supermarket. Actually, almost every moment could be ideal. Where a flirt is always worthwhile: At the cash register or at the fresh food counter – if there is a queue. This provides enough time to flirt with each other.


A relaxed atmosphere, casual people and lots of time: A bar offers an incredibly good ambiance for a flirtation, from which more could arise. However, bars also have a drawback: Women only rarely go there alone.

As a woman, it’s easy to get a man involved in a conversation in a bar. As a man you should first check the situation: Is the woman with another man or with a girlfriend or a group of friends? If she’s with a group of girls, the chances of a flirtation are good.

Flirt location alternative: Online Dating

Meeting in real life offers many advantages. However, if you are a little shy or not very outspoken, you may try your luck on an online dating site like Taleja.