Flirting & small talk: 4 tips for great conversations during a date

The first meeting: Both are excited. However, nervousness may stand in your way. You know that, right? Don’t worry. If you start the rendezvous calmly and openly, you will succeed. And this is true for men and women.

During the first conversation, you would like to radiate charm and impress your date partner. Not so easy. After all, it’s small talk. And not everyone knows how to do that.

The good news is that everyone can learn small talk. You too. With the tips from this article you will shine on your next date. Promised.

4 small talk Tips for dating

With small talk it is the same as with so many things in life: practice makes perfect. And from this realization the first tip for better small talk can be derived.

Practice, practice, practice. Whether on the street with the neighbor, the mailmen or at the supermarket checkout. All these moments are perfect for practicing small talk. Actively reach out to your fellow human beings. Ask them how they are doing. And try to explore common areas of interest that you can talk about.

Always be nice and friendly. A smile works wonders in every conversation. Also in adult dating. With a friendly face, you signal openness to your date. And give him or her the feeling that they can open up too. Ideal conditions for a lively conversation without embarrassing silences.

Awkward silence? In this video you find inspiration for date conversation topics:

Ask open questions. What many people learned at school is also a must when it comes to dating: Ask open questions. Open questions are questions that cannot be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Rather, they invite you to tell more about yourself. For example, instead of “Are you doing well?” you should ask the question “How do you feel today?” Also, W-questions are always open and invite you to have a good conversation.

Be a good listener. A date can go wrong if one talks too much about himself or herself and the other doesn’t say a word. Thus: Despite all the practice, try to hold back. Let your date tell you about himself. Remember what has been said and ask counter-questions that address the content. This shows interest. And allows you to score with your date partner.

Start flirting

Small talk during a date is all well and good. But it’s just a door opener – to flirtation.

In order to go beyond small talk, always remain open during the conversation and dispense a few serious compliments. If you notice that your date companion is becoming more open, you may also ask a few more personal questions. But beware: Especially at the first meeting, certain topics are taboo. So, don’t get smutty. Point on style instead.

Take the above tips to heart and you’ll see how great a conversation you’ll have at your next rendezvous.