How a lady can impress a man on a date

Finally: The first date is about to happen. No matter if you’ve met on an online dating site or during speed dating: Before and during your first real date, you’re always a bit nervous. Even as a woman. Because you want to make a good impression with the man.

First things first: Be true to yourself. Just be you! With authenticity you can’t go wrong. Those who pretend have already lost. The gentleman by your side should not fall in love with a version of you, but with you.

For you to enjoy a fully successful dating experience, there are a few more rules to follow. You may discover them in this article.

Dating etiquette: How to charm your chosen one

A classic black dress? Or do you prefer a casual look for your date, in sneakers and jeans? Not an easy decision. A rule of thumb: Don’t be too fancy! A suit might make you appear too conservative – and have an intimidating effect on the man. On the other hand, a ripped pair of jeans or even jogging pants are too casual. Two things that always work: dresses and skirts. By the way: The color red has a special signal effect on men. A red dress that is not too chic is always a good choice. But even a flowing top in combination with a nice pair of jeans is just fine!

The personal meeting is all about getting to know each other. Surely you want to learn a lot about your date partner. Thus, focus on him. Taking calls from friends and chatting forever or constantly checking your WhatsApp messages – these are no-goes! You want his attention. And he wants yours, too. After all, it’s your chance to get to know each other. So make the most of it.

Discover more rules of behavior in the video. Play now!


A little smile goes a long way during a date

Another recommendation for your rendezvous: Be positive! A good mood also makes for a good date. Basically, you and your companion should be happy already – after all, you have decided on a meeting and look forward to getting to know each other now. To keep it that way throughout the entire date, you may deliberately steer the conversation. Discussions about your sick grandma or a nasty ex are out of place.

Focus on the good things in life: exciting hobbies, common interests, and perhaps topics that connect you. Of course, you may also talk about your job if it is interesting for both sides and exciting for him as well as for you. Generally: Talk about everything you like. As long as you both enjoy it.

What happens after the date?

After the date, you slept a night about what you’ve experienced and on the next day still feel the butterflies in your stomach? Then, even as a woman, you may make the first move and call your chosen one. Or just send him a message. Maybe suggest another meeting. For a walk. Or a visit to the cinema.

If you remember the rendezvous in a positive way, he will not feel any different. Especially if you take note of the dating tips from this article. Thus – just dare and take things in your own hands.