How to be attractive: Boost your appeal

The first impression counts. That’s a fact. Whether at work or in your private life: The first encounter determines the impression. Also when it comes to dating. And as is the case with a date: Your appearance is decisive for the first impression.

First of all, everyone has an attractive side. And everyone can increase their attractiveness with a few simple actions. You don’t have to look like a top model. You simply have to follow these tips. They are really simple, but they have a big impact.

So, get ready for your next casual date. These tips are always successful.

4 tips on how to boost your appeal

Attractiveness is not just a question of looks. Your expression and behaviors also affect your desirability. With these tips you may use this fact for you. 

Always keep eye-contact. It’s so simple, and it’s so hard. Keeping eye contact during a conversation can be exhausting and even intimidating. But don’t worry. A deep look into the eyes also has something beautiful. Try to look at your date partner openly and keep eye contact. This is how you signal true interest.

A well-groomed appearance wins half the battle. Unshowered to the date? A no-go. If you are planning to go on a date, you should take plenty of time beforehand. An extensive shower is the minimum. Use body lotion. Cut or file your nails. Put on your favorite fragrance (but don’t overdo it). And, as a woman, choose a discreet make-up.

Here’s how to look more attractive to others:


Be self-confidence. Women prefer confident men. Sure. However, men also like it when the woman at their side shows a healthy self-confidence. With a confident demeanor, you signal that you feel comfortable in your skin. This can appear very sexy. By the way: A confident appearance also increases the sexual attraction of your date.

Use the halo effect. Have you heard of the halo effect? It describes a true phenomenon. When a special trait is particularly strong, other people derive other characteristics from it. Use this effect for you by bringing a positive trait to the foreground. This way, small flaws are no longer noticeable.

Be Attractive – Be successful in dating

Not everyone finds themselves super attractive – even if they are. If you feel the same way, it’s not bad at all. With the above tricks you show singles your attractive side. The secret is a well-groomed appearance, a healthy self-confidence, and inner balance.

All this is possible by following the above-mentioned tips. You’ll see: These easy-to-implement tips do work. Take them to your heart. Thus, your next date will surely be unforgettable. And who knows? Maybe you will also find the love of your life.