Weekend date in Stuttgart: Hot night in a luxury hotel

Yeah, the lockdown is over and the singles in Stuttgart are at my feet. For two years I felt like I was locked up. Locked in a golden cage consisting of kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. My daily routine focused on shuffling to the PC in the morning, shuffling through emails and documents – to at least take the obligatory shower during the lunch break.

Don’t misunderstand. Before Corona sadly took over the world, I was an outgoing single lady. I went on at least one or two dates a week. Got to know exciting personalities. I was able to expand my knowledge of Stuttgart’s night life with its bars and restaurants. And I had one or two erotic adventures along the way.

And then suddenly it was all over.

Now all the restrictions are lifted. Or at least the ones that prevented me from getting back into the dating game. Reason enough for me to try out a new singles community. ‘How about something completely different?’, I thought to myself and signed up for TALEJA. Somehow, the design and the special concept behind the singles exchange had convinced me.

Dating platform Stuttgart: Exciting chats and a real date

No sooner had I registered than I had opened the first chats with really hot singles from Stuttgart. My favourite was a 40-year-old banker. We started talking right away and I just loved how beautifully he wrote. Without any clumsy come-ons. Instead, he wrote with a lot of intelligence and acumen.

We decided to meet the next weekend. For three days I feverishly awaited my date in Stuttgart. And then the time had come. I was sitting next to an attractive, smart man in one of the hottest bars in Stuttgart. We had chosen the Schwarz Weiß Bar because we both love jazz music.

He was super charming and courteous without seeming slimy like a lot of guys do. He just seemed very natural. Open. The atmosphere between us was correspondingly relaxed and fun. As if we had known each other for half an eternity.

After everyone had drunk their second cocktail and paid for it – a true gentleman – the highlight of the evening was to follow: A night in a 5-star hotel in Stuttgart.

Young couple spends a wild night in bed

Sparkling night at the Stuttgart hotel

We had agreed in advance that – if the chemistry between us was right – we would simply treat ourselves to this luxury after two years in the doldrums. And because there was just a huge spark between us, we spontaneously checked into Le Méridien.

To be honest, we didn’t have much time to try out our gorgeous room, the huge TV or the in-house pool. Instead, we threw ourselves straight onto the bed like wild animals.

I’ve never been so hot in my life. And he also looked like he was on fire. It’s hard to believe what a lockdown can do to us singles.

We made love, kissed each other, fell over each other in various positions – and fell asleep after the erotic tête-à-tête. I don’t know why, but even in my last relationship I had never had sex that was so hot and at the same time so intimate. It just fit between us.

To this day, we see each other regularly. And the sizzle continues. Whether there will be more between us is still open. For now, we want to enjoy our single life in Stuttgart.