When and why you should show your feelings

Women show feelings, men don’t – Is that true? It’s not quite right. Both may find it difficult to be emotional and to express true feelings, especially in the starting phase. The reason: Fear of rejection. Fear of disappointment. Afraid to become vulnerable and exposed.

Yes, these are all good reasons not to open up completely on the first date. And yet, it may well be worthwhile to reveal your feelings during the introductory phase. Especially if you are serious about your dating partner.

Dating: Showing feelings makes sense

From childhood on, we learn how to express feelings: Anger, hatred, sadness or joy, and love. Some people find it easy to show these emotions. Others suppress their feelings – they are afraid to show them.

That may have many reasons. Maybe you have had bad experiences, or you don’t want to be disappointed. However, suppressing one’s emotions can make you look aloof and cold. This is a big problem in friendship and even more so in love. Only those who allow and show feelings, succeed in building an emotional bond with their fellow human beings.

How to read the feelings that another person has for you – Find out in the video:

How to express feelings

If you manage to allow emotions and open up, you become vulnerable. But you also show to people that you trust them. And that’s an important gesture when it comes to love. Because if you open yourself, your dating partner or your beloved will also open up.

But how do you show emotions? Especially if you have already trained yourself to take a distance to your fellow human beings. Here are some tips:

  1. Use your body language: You don’t necessarily need to talk about love. Sometimes it is enough to show genuine interest to the other person through the right gestures and actions. This can be caressing the arm, intense eye contact or a more than friendly hug.
  1. Offer small attentions: Expensive jewelry or a fine dinner? That’s not necessary. Usually small gestures are enough to show to the other person: “Yes, I’ve listened to you. I know what you like and what’s important to you.” If your sweetheart has talked about her favorite chocolate, and you bring it as a small gift to the next date, that’s a clear sign of interest. And confirms enthusiasm.
  1. Be authentic: Sounds easy, but it’s not necessarily so. Especially if you don’t know each other so well, it can be worthwhile to clearly communicate your current state of mind and feelings. For example, you may say it if you are a bit nervous. That makes you look incredibly nice.

Show your feelings during dating, and when it comes to love

There are many good reasons to show feelings. And ways and means to do that in an unobtrusive way. Use the power of emotions for yourself and win the heart of your loved one or your loved one.