In a relationship – yet, looking for something new! Is dating the solution?

Even the most stable relationship has its highs AND lows. Long-term relationships or even marriages full of love are not always rosy. Yes, behind closed doors, even the dream couple from your circle of acquaintances has problems.

And even if everything is truly harmonious, after a few years in a partnership, both men and women have a desire for something new. Or rather, someone new. Why?

The feeling of being desired

A steady partnership presents a problem: In everyday life, the special feeling of the initial phase of infatuation gets lost. Maybe you remember it? There was someone who wanted to, who thought you were important and treated you like someone special.

These feelings—desire, attention—get lost along the way even in the strongest relationships and marriages. Maybe not completely. But they are slowing down. It is precisely these feelings that make people so happy. They make up the spice of a relationship. Without these feelings, a partnership would soon turn into a strong friendship where you sleep with each other from time to time.

This is, of course, exaggerated, but you understand where we’re going from here. Mutual desire and esteem are essential for a relationship. But what to do if desire subsides?

Elegant couple is looking for something new

An external partner is the solution

It may sound harsh to all friends of uncompromising monogamy – but sometimes an outside partner is the solution. An external partner is a person who gives a person the feelings that subside or are lost in a long-term relationship. A partner outside of the relationship. The hot romance that makes a person who is in a long-term relationship happy.

Stop! None of this necessarily means that this external partner must met in secret. This option exists and is also feasible. Alternatively, there is the possibility to have an honest conversation with the partner and to open the relationship for a romantic sideshow. However, there is a risk that a partner will not agree with this open relationship model.

Which way you choose in the end – the secret affair or the open relationship – is up to you. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the right choice.

Dating for new happiness

Dating can do so much good for long-term couples. When a woman organizes a casual date in Frankfurt with a charming man, she finally feels once again desirable and attractive. If a married man goes out with an attractive woman in Munich, he can play the seducer again after years and take on the male role.

Both husband and wife will come home to their partner after the date with a smile and full of positive energy. You will be satisfied to spend a nice evening together. Getting closer. And relive the great feeling of your first infatuation. Yes, dating can bring new momentum to the relationship of long-term couples!