Let’s talk about… How men can last longer

Is it all about size? If this myth is still alive, it’s about time to rebut it. To all men: No, size really doesn’t matter. What women of today want is a passionate lover with whom they may experience intense moments.

Of course, this also includes – besides empathy and chemistry – the endurance of the male ‘equipment’. It’s quite sad when the loved one is just beginning to enjoy the best sex of her life – and then suddenly it’s all over.

A study with 500 couples discovered how long the act of love lasts on average. Overall, times between 33 seconds and 44 minutes were recorded. A very nice time range, which shows how different couples make love. Much more important, however, is the average time measured from the onset of actual sexual intercourse to ejaculation. Thus, the pure love time without foreplay or following cuddling. This results in 5.4 minutes.

It doesn’t even sound that long. So dear men, don’t stress. Not every guy can perform for several hours in bed.  On the contrary.

And yet there are ways to prolong the performance. This makes sense if the partner or affair attaches importance to extensive lovemaking. And you want to lengthen the time with your chosen one.

4 tips for more power in bed

Pelvic floor training: Say what? Isn’t that a women’s thing? No, not at all. Men can train the so-called PC muscle. It is located between the coccyx and pubis. Contract the muscle shortly, hold, loosen, stretch… And repeat about 10 times. And that’s it. Of course, you can increase the number of repetitions over time.

Masturbation: If you’re a man and will almost certainly soon sleep with a woman, you should resort to an effective and simple means: masturbation. This way, the first pressure is released already before the love game. By the way: By giving you satisfaction with your own hand, you also learn what you like. You notice when it is time to reduce the pace. This knowledge applied to lovemaking with a woman helps you to prolong the act.

Find more tips against premature ejaculation in this video:

Position change:
  Position changes are just as simple as they are effective. Each time the position is changed, a short breather occurs during the sexual act. As a result, the arousal decreases slightly while the stamina increases. Of course, the break can also be used to pamper the lady. That extends the pause and certainly heralds a second round.

Deep breathing: The pleasure is at its climax. According to his penis, it’s time to come. At this point, it is advisable to simply take a deep breath a few times. Even breathing can help to drive down a little. And delay the grand finale.

Promoting performance power: It’s so easy

Not every man is a stallion in bed. And that’s ok. Because there is something every man can do: Extend lovemaking with simple means and techniques and offer the woman a particularly sensual adventure. It is worth trying out the tips mentioned above.