Love – despite an age difference? What advantages an age gap brings!

Anyone who is actively dating, and falls in love with someone significantly younger or older, sooner or later will ask following questions: “Should I date someone who is older?”, “Is she too young for me?” or “Could our age difference be considered negative?”.

If you think about it rationally, these questions make no sense. If you like each other, age does not matter. And yet, doubts may linger. They arise mostly for two reasons.

First, what do people around me think? Some couples with a large age difference find it uncomfortable when other people look after them on the street. And they are worried about what friends and family might think.

Second: Are you in different phases of life? Does the younger part prefer to party, while the older part thinks about settling down, family, and kids?

Age difference does not matter

Honestly, the first doubt has no raison d’être. As a strong couple, the opinion of society is not relevant. Especially if you live in an open-minded city like Frankfurt. Much more important is the love that you feel for each other. Thus: Be strong. And don’t let your happiness dependent on the opinion of others.

The second question is justified. But only if it is true that both partners are currently pursuing completely different goals. There are older men who are young at heart and happy to go out with their sweethearts, dance and have fun. On the other hand, there are many young women who already in their early 20s could imagine starting a family with their date partner.

If the age difference is large, open communication is a must. Share each other’s expectations of the relationship during the dating phase. And you will soon find out if they harmonize – or not. By the way: Couples of the same age may also have different ideas about their relationship. Thus, this topic affects everyone.

Which age differences can love endure? More in the video:


Advantage of an age difference

A big age gap is no disadvantage in terms of love!

Older men usually know what they want. They have precise ideas of their life and how they want to shape it – together with their partner. A character trait that truly benefits women. There is hardly anything more fatiguing than a man who doesn’t know what he wants from life.

A younger woman also brings benefits for a man. In many couples with a greater age difference, the woman acts like a fountain of youth for her partner. Her carefree nature and zest for life is contagious. The man experiences spontaneity and has a natural lover at his side.

Of course, there are relationships where she is much older than him. This may be advantageous, too. Young women usually make their happiness dependent on the partner and their relationship. This can be overwhelming for a man and unnecessarily burden the relationship. Older women, however, know exactly what they want – also in bed. They unfold independently. This serenity has a positive effect on the man.

If you’re on a date with a much older partner, don’t worry. If you really have true feelings for each other, follow the same perspectives and be strong enough to deal with external criticism, you have a bright future ahead of you.