Open relationship: Keep it secret or live it out?

An open relationship means the freedom to explore sexuality without cheating. Finally reconciling the desire for security in the partnership with the longing for adventurous dates. No guilty conscience at all! However, the joint decision to openly shape a relationship is often not understood in the surrounding environment. So at the beginning of every open relationship, there is also the question: keep it secret or live it out?

Have you and your better half decided to give each other more freedom in the relationship or even accept adult dates? And you know that you are on the right track with your alternative relationship design. But do friends and family feel the same way? Everyone who has ever been in an open relationship knows the dilemma faced before starting.

The fact that you cannot foresee the reactions of your environment cannot be changed. So it is worth thinking carefully about whether you would rather keep the open relationship secret or live it out.

Finally, reveal the secret of the open relationship

The right timing is crucial. It is impossible to tell, especially at the beginning of an open relationship, how well this alternative relationship idea will work in your own partnership. It is best to first build the necessary trust in each other before you confide your secret to others.

The important thing is that both parties feel comfortable. If you are sure of the relationship, then it will be easier to endure negative reactions to the outing.

The circle of insiders can gradually increase. Maybe you’re tired of talking about your dates and affairs with your best friend. As soon as you initiate several people, you can assume that sooner or later most people in your environment will learn about your open relationship.

It’s okay if not everyone can understand your love decision. True friends accept your life plan, even if they do not share your idea of a partnership.

A couple recounts their experiences in an open relationship:

You don’t have to justify yourself to third parties. You can only live out your open relationship with clear conscience once you have understood this. Guilt is just not sexy.

If you encounter resistance during an outing, do not try to convince others that monogamy is unnatural. You probably can’t change your fellow man’s point of view anyway. The important thing is that you know that you are doing exactly the right thing for your own partnership.

Nothing works without communication. We’ve heard it far too often, but it’s still true. An open relationship can only be lived out publicly if both parties agree. If your sweetheart asks you to keep your alternative relationship idea secret, then you have absolute secrecy.

Take the step: Dating with others

Whether you want to keep your open relationship secret or live it out is up to you. Are you two onboard for the outing? Then do what you think is right and together take the steps you feel comfortable with.