Relationship break: Can distance save a relationship?

At some stage, many couples come to this point: They’ve once loved each other. For months, years or even decades. And suddenly they stand in front of a pile of shards, a mountain that seems insurmountable. With the good times in mind, you don’t want to give up the relationship. But the bad moments are more present. And you struggle with problems that seem impossible to solve.

In such a situation, you do have a choice: to end the relationship or to take a break from your relationship so as not to completely rule out the chance of a love comeback. But can a relationship break really save a partnership? And how should it look like? Find out more in this blog post.

Temporary separation: chances and risks

A relationship break can actually save a relationship. It heralds a fresh start, which the couple desperately needs. Or else it means the end and is just an extended initiation of a break-up.

The goal of a relationship break should therefore always be a new beginning. All other intentions just don’t make sense. If you want to achieve this goal, you should use the relationship break to look at some temporal and local distance from the partner. The emotional serenity helps to become aware of one’s feelings and to calm down.

Experiences with temporary separation in the video:

A relationship break needs rules

You’ve decided that your relationship needs a break? First of all, you should set clear rules, before going separate ways.

  1. Time: Talk about how much time you want to spend apart. This is of course difficult to quantify before a relationship break. However, you should clarify how long you don’t want to hear from each other. Otherwise, you might be tempted to communicate with your ex-partner despite the relationship break. Thus, stick to a binding time frame.
  1. Faithfulness: Many couples agree on a relationship break, where nevertheless they are faithful. Infidelity is a no-go. Other couples use the relationship break to collect new sexual experiences. They have unfulfilled fantasies that their partner cannot fulfill or want to gain more experience. In this case, affairs during the relationship break are allowed.
  1. Talk: At the end of the relationship break, there should be a long talk, where you summarize your experiences during the temporary separation. And where the question of all questions is answered: “Are we going separate ways now or are we using the break for a new beginning together?”

The result of a temporary separation

A relationship break can have a positive or negative outcome for you. If both have realized that they are better off alone and no longer have the will to return to the relationship, that means the end. On the other hand, maybe you’ve found new confidence in yourself and in the relationship, then nothing stands in the way of a new beginning.

Either way, the result will bring you forward personally and interpersonally. Dare to step out of the relationship and use the break to think about yourself and your feelings for each other.