Sex tape = more action in your love life?

If you long for more action in your love life, you’ve probably already thought about recording a sex tape. It’s basically a video that shows you and your partner or your affair during lovemaking. A hot idea, isn’t it?

Regardless of whether you are passionate about it or are just curious, are in a relationship or have fun in the casual dating community: Here, you may find out more about these sensual, home-made videos.

A hot video of your love games: Only for steady relationships or also for casual dating?

In partnerships, the motive to record a sex tape is actually quite obvious: The video is supposed to bring more action into your love life. Knowing that a camera is running implies something forbidden and increases the intensity in bed. Furthermore, it can be exciting to watch yourself and your partner later on. Ideally, your voyeurism increases the passion in a relationship.

However, the single community too is showing increasing interest in self-recorded hot videos. If you are in the middle of the already exciting dating phase, you may bring even more action into your love life with videos. For many, it is simply not enough to take a quick, bold look in the bedroom mirror to see what is happening.

The Hollywood movie Sextape shows how not to do it:

Erotic videos are of course different in partnerships from those recorded during casual dating. Since there is more trust between partners, there is less fear that the video could fall into the wrong hands. However, an erotic film, if it doesn’t look particularly hot, can also break something in a relationship. That is the advantage of adult dating. In any case, it is imperative to clarify in advance whether the recording of such a video is okay for all involved. Furthermore, the video, especially for casual dating, should always be deleted in the presence of both people.

A boost for dating and relationships?

Do sex tapes really help to bring more action into your love life? It all depends. If you are someone who cannot even stand to hear your own voice on a recording, then a video may not be the best solution to make your erotic fantasies come true.

A private video will of course never look like a professional erotic film since there is neither proper camera work nor well-designed lighting. If you are truly brave and confident, a third person could of course take over. This is certainly not for everyone but will significantly improve the quality of the video.

And action!

A sex tape could definitely be the right tool to bring action back into love life. However, this is not true for everyone. Most importantly, both must agree to the recording. It certainly doesn’t hurt to think about how to orchestrate the whole thing beforehand. A well-made private erotic video – whether with a partner or a casual date – simply will have you ask for more.