Turning an affair into a serious relationship: Is that possible?

Can more develop from an affair or even a one-night stand? Good question. And you’re not the first person to ask yourself this question.

Let’s take the example of an affair. Very often, two attractive singles get to know each other and end up in bed together. If both sides had fun, there will be a repetition. Or two. Or three. Until you end up in the middle of an affair – some call it a romance.

Most of the time, people tell each other that they only want a casual relationship. And both sides enjoy it. In fact, there are an incredible number of singles who prefer a longer affair to regular one-night-stands with strangers. Simply because you know what the other person likes in bed and you can try a lot more together thanks to the greater trust.

But what to do when suddenly real feelings come into play? Especially with longer romances, this danger is clear and present. The first signs: It’s no longer a simple sex date. You just start meeting for a Netflix marathon. Or you do things together that couples usually do.

Be careful because things are starting to get dangerous. Now, feelings are building up that go far beyond the mere desire for each other.

Feelings arise in a sexual relationship: What to do?

As soon as you realize that there is something more, there is only one thing to do: Talk to your sex partner about your feelings.

How can a woman turn a casual romance into something serious?

The following scenarios may occur:

  1. The feelings are reciprocated: Both have developed feelings that go beyond friendship. You want more. You want to have your partner all for yourself. If both see it that way – just go for it. A relationship is the best thing that could happen to you right now.
  2. The feelings are not reciprocated: If the other side does not share your feelings, then the time has come to end the affair and continue to look around on dating portals. It will only get nasty if one person alone has feelings for the other – and those feelings are not reciprocated. Broken Hearts Alert!
  3. Uncertainty reigns: If both sides are unsure about their feelings and are actually not ready for something serious, only time will help. Either you first agree on a romance break and use this period to become aware of your feelings. Or you can carry on as before and see how things develop.

So much more can come out of an affair

What is certain is that much more can be created from something casual. If both sides agree, even a relationship with a future together is possible. But only if the two really pull together. The important thing is that you are always honest with yourself and stand by your feelings. This way, you may prevent a broken heart and deep disappointments.