Being single: 5 reasons against a permanent partnership

Final goal: a permanent partnership. Many young people think that way. Being single is fun, but sometimes it feels very lonely. It is often forgotten that a good relationship involves a lot of work and time. There are good reasons not to give up the single life easily even in weak moments.

Sure, after a bad day it is not so easy to go to bed alone without someone to cuddle up to and listen to your problems. But before you know it, almost every serious relationship becomes a source of further problems.

Do the following 5 reasons, which speak against a permanent partnership, make sense to you? Then maybe you should stay single for now.

Dating, flirting, having fun: What are the arguments against a permanent relationship?

You don’t know exactly where you want to go in life.

Whether you’re aimless or full of ideas: A permanent relationship sometimes acts as a brake and slows down your own development and career. As long as you have not clarified the most important questions in life for yourself, a serious relationship often leads to confusion and false prioritization.

You get bored easily.

Have you ended every relationship so far after three months at the latest? This is a sign that you are simply still too curious and should experience some more dates. Enjoy the sexual freedom of your single life without any worries.

You’re not over the ex yet.

Nothing against a good rebound, but by definition, it should be non-binding. If you enter into a permanent relationship immediately after a break-up without licking your wounds first, you will cause chaos at best, at worst you will really hurt someone. Adult dating simply makes more sense immediately after a break-up.

You’re just lonely.

Hardly any good relationship is born out of loneliness. If you are looking for a permanent partnership because you no longer want to feel alone, this is not the best motive. You take the risk of choosing someone who doesn’t really fit you at all.

You haven’t had much experience.

To enter into a permanent relationship with little experience is a bit like jumping into a deep pool as a non-swimmer. Scary, and most of the time you’re glad to be out. And when you learn how to swim, you soon ask yourself what it would be like to go to another pool. Got it, right?

How can one be happy as a single? More about this in the video:

A permanent relationship should be well thought out

Very few people stay in their first relationship forever. The attraction of experiencing other sexual adventures, dating, flirting and trying things out is usually too great. So why invest years in a relationship before trying out casual dating sufficiently?

No one should commit themselves if they are not prepared to invest everything in a permanent relationship. At some point, you will find someone for whom you will give up the freedom of being single without regret.