Dating and Corona: How to enjoy a hot online fling

Loneliness is not really our thing. Human beings need closeness. Friends. Social contacts. And love. After all, we have our needs and right now we long for intimacy.

Corona has scotched all that. Curfews, social distancing, and quarantine regulations make a fulfilled love life almost impossible.

For the TALEJA team, it is important that you don’t have to feel alone. Even if you’re single. Personal meetings are currently not possible. But that’s not really a problem. The last days and weeks have shown that the entire world goes online. Why should singles not do the same?

Offline meeting as a real date alternative

Meeting attractive singles in the pub around the corner? Right now, that’s not possible. Flirting in the gym? No chance. Finding a hot lover or a charming lady for one night in a club? Nope! All social interactions are currently kept to a minimum. Even though some restrictions are being eased, parties and dating are still not allowed.

But what we can do offline, we can also do online. Why don’t you just get to know an interesting person via a single community like TALEJA?

In recent weeks, we’ve observed that the number of chats on the TALEJA site is actually increasing. The talks are longer, go deeper. People listens to each other, offer consolation, are there for the other and are looking forward to the time after the crisis. Because then nothing will stand in the way of a sensual rendezvous.

We help you to make new contacts and to maintain the new contacts. Until you may finally meet each other in person in the near future.

Find tips for video dating in times of Corona in this video:

Tips for your online fling during the crisis

Corona has not only changed the circumstances in which we meet new people. The pandemic is also creating a completely new form of communication in chatrooms. Adapt to the circumstances and consider the following tips for future conversations on dating websites.

Be attentive. Right now, we all need emotional nearness. By paying close attention during the chat and asking specific questions, you convey a special form of trust – and create a first degree of intimacy between you and your chat partner.

Be empathetic. You don’t know how the other person copes with the crisis. So be particularly sensitive and considerate. Furthermore, under no circumstances you should force your contact to agree to a meeting – or be persuaded to go on a date. The RKI recommendations have top priority.

Make an appointment for a video date. You truly like each other and would love to meet? Even if that’s not yet possible, there are alternatives. Just get in touch via a video chat. This way, you may look into each other’s eyes while flirting, get a first live picture of the person on the other side of the screen and heat up the mood for your upcoming meeting.

Have fun online dating!