Dating factor: Are single dog owners more attractive?

Singles who own a dog have an easier life. At least when it comes to getting to know other singles – according to the results of various studies on the subject. And it doesn’t matter which gender you belong to.

Does this mean that a dog is a real guarantee of success for women AND men? In fact, it seems to be true. About 83 percent of all singles who own a dog are convinced of it. After all, it is easy to start a conversation while walking your four-legged friend on the street or in the park. And often there are attractive singles among the other dog lovers.

Dog owners are more popular on dating websites 

Our faithful four-legged friends are not only great conversation starters – both in the real world and in the digital world. Animal friends are considered great people.

Dog owners are generally classified as active, sociable people. They are considered to be more assertive, which is especially attractive to women in male singles. And on top of that, men with dogs seem to be more caring. A perfect combination of success, if you want to succeed with your favorite lady.

In this video you may find out how to meet women with your dog


More dates thanks to happiness and contentment

And it gets even better. According to a New York Manhattanville College Study, dog owners are particularly happy. The survey found that pet owners are generally happier than people without pets. And dog owners scored particularly well in the ranking.

And why is this factor relevant to successful dates? In fact, it is advantageous to be positive and open on a date. Who is satisfied with himself and his life or – at least gives this impression – will score with his date partner.

By the way: According to another study by the University of Western Australia, dog owners are much more likely to perform the recommended minimum amount of exercise. This means: The dog keeps them fit and healthy. And these attributes also make an impression when searching for a partner.

Dogs make flirting easier: A question of breed

Meeting new singles and flirting away while walking your dog? It’s not that easy. Because there are certain dog breeds that are particularly popular with the opposite sex. And others are less.

Especially women pay particular attention to the animal at end of the leash. Dogs classified as fighting breeds are not very popular, since they are associated with negative connotations. Clearly more popular among the ladies are cute and especially harmless-looking dogs.

So, with which breeds can men really score with women? Right at the forefront is the Boxer. The animal is considered very intelligent, loyal and playful – and it looks masculine. The Golden Retriever, the German Shepherd and the Yorkshire Terrier are real women magnets. By the way: Among the popular breeds there is another surprise: The Pug. This dog is connoted by women with loyalty. And that always goes down well.