Ghosting: How to detect potential ghosters early enough

A phenomenon that is not as rare as you thought. You’re in contact – and suddenly, the other person disappears. He or she does not respond to calls or text messages. And can’t be contacted on social media.

This type of behavior is called ghosting – an (admittedly) simple way of breaking off contact with someone, but just as cowardly. For the ghosted person, this kind of “break up” is always painful. It doesn’t matter if it was a friendly or an intimate contact. Most of the time, however, ghosting occurs during dating.

The good thing is that you can avoid this painful experience by identifying potential ghosters early-on.

4 Signs for a Classic Ghoster

The person ghosts frequently. Once someone has ghosted, the second time around, it’s not that hard. The third time it gets even easier. And at some point, it becomes normal. So, if you meet someone and are afraid of being ghosted by that person at some point, just ask: “Have you ever ghosted someone?” Depending on the answer, you can come to your conclusions.

The (intimate) contact starts pretty quickly. We all had encounters that came about in a bar or discotheque. While getting to know each other, these contacts are super intense and exciting. Unlike a slowly growing friendship, all involved are immediately on a high level. But just as swift as this “close” contact arose, so quickly it is also over. So be careful with such fast acquaintances.

For more reasons why someone is ghosting, see the video:

You’re the active part – and it’s only you. During the dating phase, you’re the person who keeps getting in touch, asking when you want to meet (again) and sending good morning and good night messages – and it’s always you. This shows that the other person is very important to you. However, it also shows that he or she has little interest in you. If you’re really the only active part, it’s very likely that the other person will ghost you soon. 

The other part believes in fate. Well, that’s a bit vague. Perhaps one can also say that the other person is an immature perfectionist. Ghosters find it particularly easy to just let go. When small problems arise, everything is immediately doubted. Why bother working on your relationship? Well, because every human relationship is worth it! But ghosters don’t see it that way. They retreat and leave you standing in the rain. So, check if your contact tends to give up quickly.

Avoid ghosting. Choose something real!

The four signs mentioned above will help you to see if someone will soon ghost you. Don’t waste your time with such people. Rely on real contacts. For example, on exciting dates via the single community TALEJA, where real appointments and real connections are created.