Giving up your single life: 4 signs that you’ve had enough

As a human being, you are going through different phases. You grow up. You hit puberty. You have your first sexual experiences. At some point you fall in love. You create a bond with another person. Or you don’t.

Each single probably goes through a “wild phase” once in his or her life. Maybe you know this from your own experience? One is happy to be (once again) free and discovers the advantages of being single. Finally, enjoying the pleasures of dating. Finally flirting again. And finally, once again being seduced or seduced.

But at some time, everyone gets to this one point: “Isn’t it enough?” Whether you have enjoyed your wild existence for a few weeks, months, or even years – the moment comes when you question your wild phase.

Have you arrived at such a point but are still unsure whether you should really give up a life of freedom? We at the TALEJA Magazine offer help and tell you four signs that you’ve had enough.

These signs tell you when you should give up your single life

There is no feeling. One Night Stand, Friendship Plus, or an Affair: All these “relationship models” are characterized by being non-binding. And that makes things much easier. No jealousy. No everyday routine. But also: No emotional bond. Surely, the sex can be great. But anyone who is familiar with true lovemaking from a real relationship knows how beautiful it is when it is not only hot, but also romantic and emotional.

There is a sense of remorse. You had an  exciting date, a great night – but the moment you leave your ONS, you feel so nasty. You regret what just happened. And you have no idea why. Maybe you want something different? Or you don’t want to give your body to just everyone anymore. No matter – as soon as you feel remorse, it’s probably time to steer your life in a new direction and to look for a solid relationship.

What prevents you from giving up single life? You may find out in this video:

It’s just about confirmation. Many singles seem tough but are actually very insecure inside. Volatile acquaintances and uncomplicated affairs are always welcome. They confirm your value. But it’s not really healthy. If your erotic adventures are just like a drug for you to make you feel better, you should get clean as soon as possible. 

Actually, I want more. Many singles don’t admit it – and yet almost everyone struggles with this problem: As soon as they see their happy friends, they also want just such a connection. Do you? Do you envy your friends their happiness? Or would you just like to have what they have? Then the wild times are finally over.

Dating on a new level

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of these points? Then you should change your dating behavior immediately. Instead of dating and sleeping around, it’s time to experience profound rendezvous. You will see that the right person is just around the corner.