Mingle – What makes casual relationships so appealing?

There comes another new trend in the dating world – That’s what we thought when we stumbled upon the word “Mingle”. If you do some research on the Mingle phenomenon, it soon becomes clear that this is not really a current relationship trend. The Mingle life was already hotly discussed in 2017.

But what is a Mingle? The word is made up of ‘Mixed’ and ‘Single’ and was created five years ago by the German trend researcher Peter Wippermann. The relationship life of a Mingle, which is a mixture of single life and partnership, gives the trend its name.

The advantages of Mingle life

Mingles want to enjoy the benefits of a partnership. However, they do not commit themselves to their partner. An exclusive relationship is out of the question. A single life is very important for them. A Mingle will not risk giving up the advantages of his or her lifestyle. Nevertheless, the Mingle benefits from the perks of a real relationship:  love, romance, and sex.

Don´t you wanna Mingle? Find out in this video:

What makes the life of Mingles so appealing are three crucial points:

You don’t have to forgo sex and romance. At the same time, Mingles enjoy many freedoms and don’t suffer from the obligations that a steady relationship entails. The prerequisite for this is honesty. A Mingle tells the ‘partner’ that his or her freedoms are important. If both agree on this, there’s no space jealousy and punishing compromises.

Self-realization is paramount. Especially in this day and age, people are very busy with their careers. That leaves little time for a real partnership. The limitless travel possibilities also ensure that many singles still want to travel at 30 and find themselves. There is no place for a fixed partner in such a life. However, as a Mingle, you still get the closeness and romance you need.

Everyday life won’t turn into routine. A real advantage of Mingle life is the lack of everyday stress. Anyone who has been in a relationship for a long time knows it. There are always arguments about the small stuff: money, holiday planning, finances – all this may cause trouble in a relationship. A Mingle, on the other hand, doesn’t have to make compromises. A Mingle does what he or she likes. And that’s why they’re so happy.

Status symbol: Being single

Generation X was different from Generation Y. Those who did not have a fixed partner at the age of 30, let alone a well-thought-out family planning, were pitied in their circle of friends. The Mingles of Generation Y are different. Being single has become a status symbol. Mingles are envied for their freedoms. The same is true for the closeness and love they experience despite their many freedoms.

By the way: Mingles do have long-lasting romances. But also, short affairs. You may experience casual dates in Salzburg,  Zurich, Berlin – wherever it suits you. The varieties of Mingle life are attractive and can also be combined. A longer romance is followed by a one-night stand. And vice versa. A Mingle is flexible.