Singles & Corona: How not to turn into a hermit!

Lisa lives in Hamburg. She is 24 years old, likes to party, has regular dates – and simply enjoys life. Then came Corona – and with the pandemic, social isolation. Because Lisa lives alone in her one-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city. Friends are not allowed to visit her at first. Dating in Hamburg has also been cancelled – for the first time.

When the first lockdown rules were implemented, many people felt the same way as Lisa. Above all, singles living alone in their apartment struggled with loneliness. All day long, alone. Just phone call or a chat for some human contact – that was hard.

Luckily, at the moment some restrictions have been eased. You can once again meet up with friends. Parties in a small setting are allowed. And even some dating activity is back.

But quite honestly, it’s still not really normal. Major festivals have been cancelled. The clubs remain closed. We’re wearing face masks every day. And should do singles like Lisa do if a second shutdown comes?

Online dating is the solution!

What worked before Corona also works in part during the crisis. For example, online dating. In the wake of the pandemic, some dating apps and services have seen even higher user numbers than before. Although, it was impossible to think of personal meetings. So how come?

Social Distancing & Romance – Funny solutions in this video:

Most of all, many people are concerned about having contact with other people. So, they rather contact a dating service. For example, the dating community TALEJA, where which open-minded singles and couples can chat with each other and search for adventures together. Sure, there were no ‘adventures’ during the shutdown. But they may still happen in the future. As a result, many singles have decided to use their time in voluntary isolation to get to know other singles digitally. The face-to-face meetings followed with the relaxation of the Corona regulations.

By the way, this trend may continue. The virus has not yet been defeated. And there is still the risk of a second wave. Thus, if you’re single and like to use dating apps and other services to flirt and get to know each other, stick with it for now. Take plenty of time to meet your chosen ones. If you realize that you get along well and you really want to meet in person, you may even do so!

And how do I date if a second wave comes along?

If the regulations become stricter again, you don’t necessarily have to turn into a hermit. How about a video call instead of a personal first meeting? It allows you to talk face to face with your chosen one. You see the other person almost as if in reality, talk to each other in person and perhaps find out what you have in common.

Lisa from Hamburg has been doing this since Corona. Instead of rushing from one date to the next, she takes a few days to get to know the man behind the profile picture – texting, making phone calls, and video chatting. This increases the anticipation of a personal meeting, is social and works very well against loneliness.