Situationship – Why you better waive this dating trend

A love affair is a beautiful thing. However, the boundaries between a true, committed relationship and an insignificant affair are becoming ever more blurred. There’s ‘friendship plus’, non-monogamous relationships, love triangles, summer romances, and much more.

But what if you sleep with a man or a woman, without actually being together, and still feel more for them than for a person who you’re simply having sex with?

This phenomenon is becoming increasingly common. And it has a name: Situationship. 

Non-committing, intimate, and together?

Situationship? Never heard of it! That’s what you just thought, right? In fact, the trend is not yet so widespread around here. In the United States, however, it is quite popular.

There are two persons. They are together. However, their bond is sexual in nature and completely non-binding. Thus, the situation is similar to an affair. If there weren’t these feelings for each other … and the fact that you are kind of together.

A situationship goes even further: Neither of you is in a relationship. So, you’re kind of monogamous. You meet regularly. Spend time together. However, your encounters are mainly characterized by intimacy and trysts.

Can situationships work? Learn more in the video:

When a situationship turns into love

A situationship without love? Most of the time things go differently. Due to the regular meetings and the monogamy between the two, sooner or later both can imagine a relationship in the classic sense. The situationship turns into love. But that’s just theory.

Certainly, exceptions confirm the rule. There are situationship constellations that actually become love. But usually things are different.

As a rule, one person hopes for more, while the other enjoys the non-committed nature of the relationship. As long as there is no talk about whether you are in a real relationship and refrain from further dating,  both are in a situationship. Nobody knows what the other truly wants.

Another form of situationship: You were together, you separated, but you continue to spend time together, have non-binding fun and just drift – until maybe the right person comes along. A separation in small steps, where both parties don’t have to give up intimacy and closeness until they get to know someone new.

Better than being alone

Basically, the mantra of situationship lovers can be summed up in a few words: “It’s better than being alone.” That’s legitimate. However, to be honest, sooner or later someone will get hurt. As soon as feelings arise and one person hopes for more than the other, the situationship will fail. And someone will end up with a broken heart.

Imagine if you had been in a situationship and developed feelings. Do you want to be the person with a broken heart? Or be the part that speaks out against a committed relationship and thus disappoints a person who is important to you. Not really great either.

Therefore: Don’t follow this dating trend. Situationships are just for people who don’t know what they want. If you are looking for something real, say what you want. If you just want an affair, communicate it clearly. An open conversation is always the best solution.