These profile pictures are best for online dating

Those looking for a partner online know that the first impression always counts. Beautiful photos are probably the most important step to receive requests from attractive singles. But which photos are particularly popular? And which motives are the most common?

The success of profile photos has been examined in several studies. For example, did you know that people from the German region of Schleswig-Holstein preferably use pictures showing their luxury items? Or that online daters upload on average of four profile photos of themselves?

Selfies and anonymity: How online dating services work

Most singles looking for a partner or affair online are between 25 and 34 years old. The majority are men – about 37 percent in this age category. On the other hand, women count only about 16 percent.

But that’s not all. In terms of self-presentation, the photos of male and female users vary considerably. About 75 percent of all profile pictures showing a smiling person come from women. Of these, about every fourth photo is a selfie. Men, on the other hand, prefer to show themselves casual and cool, with a more serious expression and in real-life situations. Only one in ten pictures is a selfie.

What all German singles have in common is that they tend to be mysterious in their pictures. Only in every fourth picture showing a person the face is clearly visible. On top of that, on every third profile photo, all you can see is a landscape or a meme.

Find tips for the perfect profile picture in this video!

Which profile pictures do women love best?

The appearance of single men is characterized above all by prominent facial hair. In their photos, many male online daters like to show themselves wearing sunglasses or showing their muscles. But is that what ladies really like?

In fact, female users are more critical than men. They closely examine the body language of the man – and also pay attention to the ambiance radiated by an image.

A rule of thumb for the perfect profile picture of a man: Look as natural as possible, and as elegant as necessary. Women particularly adore strong nature boys. Shirt, jeans and cool shoes are often more appealing than a formal suit. However, only if it corresponds to your personal type. If you wear a suit in everyday life you might as well present yourself in it. And those who do not like being in nature don’t need to try and look like a hard-core lumberjack. Naturalness and authenticity are always best.

The perfect profile pictures

Man or woman – this applies to both genders: With a smile on your profile photo you will always score. Likewise, the quality of the photo should be right. Shaky or dark shots don’t make a good impression. It’s better to upload fewer photos that are truly beautiful and not pixelated.

Oh yes, those who own a beloved pet should not make a secret of it. A photo with your four-legged friend is therefore always a good choice. And usually a great conversation starter.

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