Dates in autumn: Inspiration for your rendezvous

A fresh wind blows, the first leaves fall, scarves and hats are unpacked, couples snuggle up to each other – autumn is here. And with it one of the most romantic times of the year.

There is hardly a season when a date can be as memorable as in the autumn. Chill by the fireplace, relax in the spa, romantic forest walks – autumn brings so many great ways to spend a nice date.

You are still looking for inspiration for dating in autumn? Then read this article.

Romantic, cuddly – or rather exciting?

Romantic walks and long bike rides are a must for couples in the autumn. But you may also get a little more creative. If you want to surprise your partner with something special, look for a nice spa nearby. Invite your sweetheart on a relaxing wellness day. Together, you may relax and unwind. Enjoy a nice massage. Get closer in the hot tub. Get naked in the sauna. Especially for new lovers, the spa is a place where even the hardest ice is broken.

The first or second date is coming up? Then it’s about getting to know each other better. In golden autumn there are many flea markets, which are simply perfect. As you stroll from stand to stand, you and your object of desire enter into conversation. And at the same time, you may check if you have the same taste. It is also free. So, take advantage of the last sunny days and visit a flea market in your area with your crush or your loved one.

Other creative ideas for your date:


If your date partner is particularly romantic, top it all with a visit to the Planetarium. There, you may comfortably watch the stars even in frosty temperatures. And who knows? Maybe you even see a shooting star.

Is it already Christmas? Not quite, but in fact the first Christmas markets open on the last autumn days of the year. Sweet scents, warm booths and a super romantic atmosphere make the conditions for newly in love and long-married couples just perfect. Treat yourself to sweet delicacies, drink a glass of mulled wine and take a romantic ride on a Ferris wheel. No matter what you do at the Christmas market: It will certainly be unforgettable.

Organize your perfect date in autumn

Autumn is probably the best time to organize and experience romantic dates. Whether you spend your date in Munich or in a small town – it will be cuddly, romantic and very special in any case.

Yes, autumn is the season for romantics. The romantic mood is an opportunity for all couples who want to strengthen their relationship. And the cuddle factor creates the best conditions for those who are freshly in love, to get closer.