Erotic fantasies: Try out these five sensual dreams

Erotic fantasies. Almost every human being has them.

And there is a reason for sensual daydreaming. It ignites your sexual nature. It leads to orgasm faster. And it brings more fun to your bedroom. It doesn’t matter if the fantasies are just dreamed or applied while lovemaking.

Here come the five most common erotic fantasies. Feel free to try them out 😉

Erotic fantasies: The top 5

Three do it better. Many people dream of a threesome. It’s not just men who typically long for an encounter with two attractive ladies. Every third woman could also imagine a beautiful ménage trois with two handsome men. This fantasy can actually come true. Thanks to a casual dating community, you can turn your dream into reality.

Giving up control is good. Today, dominant women are nothing special in bed. The ladies like to set the tone and show what they like. To give up control completely and to be “used” – that’s what many men dream of. So, ladies, dare to take the initiative. By the way: Many women also find it exciting when a man takes command and things get a bit rougher.

Experience a public tryst. A hot dream for many. Maybe for you too. Imagine you have a  date in Dusseldorf. You meet, the mutual attraction becomes unbearable and you get it off in a public toilet. Or you can go to the beach with your partner. In a bay where you feel unobserved. And experience the classic: Sex on the beach. Worth trying.

What women (secretly) dream of in bed:

Be the voyeur and have fun. Watching other couples make love is very appealing to many people. In fact, it can be extremely exciting to take on the observer role and not to take prat yourself. This provides inspiration for your own lovemaking and may arouse you.

And … action! Around one in five adults plays with the idea of filming themselves during sensual love. Not only in the classic lovemaking, but also in the style of a porn. Why not? If you trust your partner and find this idea erotic, just try it out. 

Live your sensuality and energize your love life

There are many good reasons to make erotic fantasies come true. For example, if you’re in a partnership and your sex life is getting boring. With the common experience of erotic dreams, you bring the fun back to your bedroom – or to other places.

Of course, you may also live out your fantasies as a single. Classic dating apps are a possibility. Even better for such cases, however, are casual dating sites. Users who are primarily looking for fun and sexual fulfillment are registered here. If you’re solo, it’s definitely worth a try. Our recommendation: The dating website TALEJA.