“I wish” – that’s how you say what you want in bed

You might know this: you have a date and end up in bed with someone you find very attractive. Everything is just starting to pick up speed. So far so good. But then something doesn’t quite fit and you’re already in the middle of it, so it seems inappropriate to talk about your preferences in bed now. It is so important to tell your partner what you want in bed because this is the only way both of you can have fun.

Whether it is a dating adventure or a love game with your permanent partner: Intimacy must be well-rehearsed. The hardest thing is that it is different with every person. Fortunately, you can speak openly about what you want in bed.

Good sex doesn’t just come out of nowhere

Before, after, during? There is no perfect moment to talk about your own preferences in bed. So why wait? Especially in the case of very explicit wishes, you should communicate these to your partner in advance. This way there are no unwanted surprises and you give each other enough space to say “no”. But what if you’re already in full action? There may not be room here for riskier desires.

It is not always sufficient to simply express your (change) wishes. Also encouraging the things that your partner is already doing right is helpful. By acknowledging it, you show what you want in bed. You don’t even need words for that. It is often enough to moan in the right moments to show your preferences in bed.

And who actually said that guiding hands is forbidden? Particularly for women, it is sometimes difficult to get exactly what they want. Just show him what you’re all about down there! You’ll save yourself a lot of time and nerves.

The most important thing is always that both feel one hundred percent comfortable. Fortunately, physical intimacy is no longer only reserved for relationships, or even marriage. That’s a good thing. But even non-binding sex is an intimate matter and should always be based on a respectful foundation. It is therefore essential for all those involved to know their limits.

Whether man or woman, it’s important to know what you want in bed. At the same time, you should talk about what you do not want. Talk openly about it with your sex partner and hot hours are guaranteed.

What to say to turn him on in bed:

All important issues clarified

Without communication, nothing works in bed. Your lover wants to know what turns you on in bed. So speak, show, moan – even on a lovers’ tryst during a adult date. Because only then will the other person understand your preferences in bed and you can have uninhibited fun.