My fabulous date during the lockdown

And then came Corona. I was sitting alone in my single apartment. At first, it was quite cool. I finally had time to get all the things done that had accumulated over time. The dripping faucet had to be repaired. There was plenty of wastepaper piled up and waiting to be taken away. And I hadn’t cleaned the windows for far too long.

In fact, for a few days, I managed to focus fully on my household. Even my wardrobe got a makeover. But after two weeks, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I especially missed dating. I am a true Berlin girl and love to go out. Party. Go for a drink with friends. A romantic encounter every now and then. I was particularly longing for that.

There wasn’t much happening on my dating apps. It almost seemed as if they were also affected by the lockdown and had closed down. Looking for an alternative, I finally came across the online dating community TALEJA.

My exciting TALEJA Date

I liked the community right away. All the men I contacted were totally open and friendly. Unfortunately, this is generally not common in the dating scene. However, TALEJA taught me something better. I was particularly interested in one gentleman: Pascal. 34. Tattooed. Photo with 3-day beard and chic look. And suspenders. My absolute dream man. I had to meet him.

Just two days later, our personal meeting took place. We arranged for a Corona-compliant walk in the park Volkspark Friedrichshain and met when the sun was already setting.

He was already waiting for me. Great. This way, I was able to get an impression of him from a distance- and, in case of doubt, take flight. But that wasn’t necessary. He looked even better than in his pictures. As if that were possible.

As an answer to my casual ‘Hi’ he took me in his strong arms. Finally, a personal and loving hug after such a long time. I enjoyed this moment indescribably.

Our walk led us through the park, past the Märchenbrunnen towards Prenzlauer Berg. I told him about my studies in art history and that I planned to write my bachelor’s thesis. He seemed really interested and knew the topic surprisingly well. I could still learn a lot from him.

Our walk ended at the brewery Pfefferberg. “It was really nice spending time with you,” he said, asking me if I wanted to come to his house. He lived only a few streets away. I had been waiting for this question.

Couple in the morning after a sensual night

Sensual hours in a Berlin loft

A short while later I stood in his beautiful loft. The view over the illuminated city was beautiful – even if it wasn’t as lively as you’d used to.

As I stood at one of his meter-high windows and enjoyed the view, he approached me from behind and pressed a glass of champagne into my hand. We toasted to a nice evening and looked deep into each other’s eyes. Then he embraced me with one of his strong arms, pulled me up and kissed me.

A kiss. Finally, again. From such a great man. I was mesmerized.

Our kisses got more and more passionate. At some point I couldn’t and didn’t want to hold back and started to button up his shirt. Wow, what a great body. We just had the perfect night. It was passionate. It was wild. And also, romantic. The perfect compensation for what I have had to go through in solitude over the last few weeks.

The next morning, he even brought me breakfast to bed. We enjoyed the morning hours together. Then I made my way home. Next week we’ll see each other again.