Pure romance: My first date via Taleja

Before every date, you’re excited. No matter how long you’ve already been chatting with your chosen one. No matter how beautiful and confident you are. No matter how many dates you’ve been on. The excitement remains. However, it is a positive excitement. The anticipation of the man, whom you soon will get to know. Personally. Live.

It’s exactly this feeling that I love so much about dating. And that I don’t want to miss. The crazy thing: Just recently, I experienced a date where this feeling was more intense than ever. The anticipation was huge.

Dating via a very special single community

Some time ago I discovered the new online dating site Taleja. Having tried many dating apps, I wanted to give this dating website a chance. I was convinced by the presentation of the site and the simple registration process. I’d also heard that many great and charismatic men are registered there. So, I thought: Give it a try.

The right decision. It was amazing how quickly I got into a conversation with a great man. We chatted a bit, got to know each other, and soon we realized that we not only like each other’s photos, but also ourselves, as human beings. So, we arranged a meeting in our favorite bar in Hamburg.

We met at the bar. His hug was friendly and warm. His name was Stefan, 30 years, slim, tall, well-built. Visually, he just matched me perfectly. A man I certainly would have talked to even on the street. I had fallen in love with him right away.

Drinks and fun

The evening was perfect. We sipped our favorite cocktails, sang along to the background music and shared our thoughts. I learned that Stefan had only been living in Hamburg for a few weeks and wanted to find new friends. Moreover, he had been single for a while and longed for a woman in his new life.

A man with good intentions. And he was so charming. He paid for all the drinks, no matter how much I insisted on paying myself. He was always considerate and polite. Each of his touches was careful and subtle. The most beautiful moment: As he lovingly stroked a strand of hair from my face and our eyes met. We kissed – and we both lost ourselves in the moment.

How will this date end?

After we left the bar, we walked for a while hand in hand along the river Alster. We looked at each other. I was somewhat embarrassed because I noticed how much I was falling in love with this man.

When it was time to take the last train home, Stefan accompanied me to my station and waited there together with me. When the train arrived, we once again looked each other into the eyes, then he took me into his arm a gave me a passionate goodbye kiss.

I will never forget this date. Because it was pure romance. By the way, today, Stefan and I are a couple and super happy to have found each other.