Rendezvous in Munich: My Sensual Home Date

My last rendezvous was just a few weeks ago. I dated the same man for a while – and everything seemed perfect. But then it turned out that he didn’t know what he wanted. On the one hand, we had a casual romance, on the other hand, he made demands as if we were in a monogamous relationship. And yet, he didn’t want to be my boyfriend. It was complicated.

Finally, I let him go and decided to sign up for a new dating community for singles from Munich. This time, I didn’t go for a classic dating app. I had already experienced too many disappointments. I wanted to try something new. And then I came across TALEJA.

This dating site was made for me. I can decide which men were allowed to contact me – and who can see my profile. Very practical! Because quite honestly: Every reasonably attractive woman’s mailbox is always immediately full, and you lose control. I enjoyed finally having full control and being able to focus exclusively on a few selected men.

Beautiful couple enjoys a wonderful romance in the loft

A romantic date in a Munich loft

And there he was. Timo, a business development manager in his late 30s, who, like me, simply wanted to enjoy life hedonistically. We wrote to each other immediately without shyness and we had so many topics in common. It wasn’t long before he asked me if I wanted to meet him in person.

The problem: Corona. There were no real options for a classic date. And a romantic walk was not possible due to unceasing rain. So, we decided that I would visit him at home.

Finally, the date day was here. I visited Timo in his beautiful loft in the City of Munich. When he opened the door, I was thrilled. He looked even better than in his photos. And they weren’t bad. Wasn’t there even a six-pack under his sweater?

It wasn’t long before we broke the ice. We cooked together and enjoyed our culinary creation. We already realized in the kitchen what a great team we were. We complemented each other perfectly not only in terms of cooking, but also in human terms.

After the meal, we sat down on his balcony and enjoyed the fantastic view of Munich city center. We cuddled together under a blanket, I leaned on him and he put his arm around me.

Our proximity made me soon forget the chilly air. Or was it the excitement? In any case, my heart was beating faster than usual. I enjoyed him caressing my hand, holding me in his arms … and finally he kissed me.

Is there anything more romantic? I didn’t even know how beautiful dating can be.

A short time later we went to his bedroom. We talked deep into the night – and got closer. I enjoyed his touches, his scent, his closeness. With him, I could just let myself go. The hours together were perfect.

Now I’m living a wonderful romance – without jealousy and pressure. We simply enjoy our intimacy and our time together. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. And all this only because I finally tried a new dating website.