Romantic date in Hamburg: The most beautiful rendezvous of my life

I’ve not been on a date for years. It was so tiring. Always the same, boring conversations. Always disappointments, because the men were not as great as they had presented themselves in their dating profiles. And then these expectations on both sides, which were never clearly communicated.

I was sick of all that. I only wanted to meet men who knew what they want, and who think it’s cool to have a nice time with a pretty 30-year-old like me. And for whom I am worth something.

So, I became aware of the Taleja app. Via this dating website you may organize dates, where it is clear even before the actual meeting what you will be doing and what both sides are expecting from the rendezvous. I just had to try it.

They still exist – true gentlemen

I’d been registered with Taleja for a week – and my first rendezvous was just around the corner. I had an appointment with 34-year-old Nils for a date in the Hamburg Zoo. Yes, I look tough. And I am. But when it comes to animals, my heart melts. That’s why I love zoos. Thus, I was all the more pleased that Nils shared this love with me.

In bright sunshine we met at the main entrance. He was already there. A handsome, tall man whose excited smile beamed at me when he saw me. We hugged and then walked into the zoo hand in hand.

He, quite a gentleman, paid for my entrance ticket. Then we could admire elephants, caress donkeys and rabbits, watch tigers feeding – and were just happy. I cannot remember the last time I felt so safe and comfortable with a human being. And in such a short time.

A magical dating experience

Dating in Hamburg is truly not easy. There are so many singles in this city. However, the majority just don’t convince me. And then I’m lucky enough to meet this gorgeous man.

Nils turned out to be a true gentleman throughout the day. He invited me to dinner. He made sure that I always had the best view of the animals. He led me gallantly through the area. And charmingly he made me understand that he liked me. So did I.

And now the beautiful ambiance transformed into romance. We were just strolling through the zoo’s aquarium as the rooms darkened and we were standing in front of a huge pane of glass behind which jellyfish seemed to dance. Like little ghosts, they moved weightlessly through the darkness. It was a beautiful sight.

We were fascinated by this spectacle. I had snuggled up against him. He put his hand on my hip to keep me even closer. Then he looked away from the jellyfish, looked me in the eye and kissed me.

A fantastic date – and my first with Taleja. I’ll certainly repeat the experience.