Romantic dating in a Christmas ambience

The Christmas season is simply the best time to fall in love. When it gets cold and the Christmas markets open, lovers cuddle closely together, seek closeness and experience wonderful, romantic weeks.

I’ve always been a happy single lady. But I also find it difficult to be alone during the Feast of Love. My girlfriends, who are in a relationship, truly pitied me and really wanted me to try out dating apps. I already have. But the kind of people that are registered on those apps … definitely not my dream prince.

Recently I came across the online dating community TALEJA. This app offers a modern dating concept. The male users describe their perfect rendezvous in date requests. If you like a request, as a woman, you simply contact the man who wrote it and experience the described rendezvous together.

No date? Watch the video about the Striezelmarkt now:

Romance at the Dresden Christmas Market

How good that the dating service is active in Dresden. I have lived here since my studies and fell in love with the city. All that is missing is a man to love.

I was lucky with TALEJA. I browsed through the requests from Dresden until I found the perfect date. Sven, like me in his late 20s, was looking for a nice lady companion for a stroll across the Dresden Christmas market. We chatted for a few minutes and then fixed our appointment.

We met at the Altmarkt, where my favorite Christmas market took place this year: the Striezelmarkt. My first impression of Sven: A really great gentleman. He greeted me warmly and at the same time shyly, then took me by the hand and we went to explore the market together. I have no idea why, but everything felt right from the beginning.

Love, passion, and music

We had chosen the perfect day for our date. Because it was the Dresden Gospel Evening. On this day, many gospel choirs sing at the market, and it is open longer than usual.

We listened together to the sounds of well-known gospel classics. Sven stood behind me and put his strong arms around my torso. It felt so intimate, so familiar. I liked the closeness to him so much.

When it was already really dark and we sipped our third mulled wine, the absolute gospel hit par excellence – Oh happy day! – was performed. Normally I would have sung along loudly, but because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of my more than attractive date partner, I held back.

And then this: Sven looked over to the choir, then to me, and suddenly began to sing along loudly to the solo part. It was fabulous. I couldn’t believe it; I was so excited. So joined in. After we had made our singing contribution and the song ended, we looked at each other beaming with joy. And we kissed. As our lips touched, lighting a firework of emotions in me. I was smitten by this man right there and longed for more.

After the lights went out at the Christmas market, we strolled through the Dresden streets to my home. I asked him to come up and we spent an unforgettable night.

This was my perfect date in Dresden. Sven and I – we both found our true love.