Shopping tour: My perfect Taleja date

Hard to believe, yet, they still exist! True gentlemen who appreciate the time of an attractive woman – and who fulfill all her wishes.

It never occurred to me that you could meet such men online. For months I’d tried my luck with dating apps, but the many requests were more of a burden than a joy. And when it came to a personal meeting, the man turned out to be a flop.

I had enough of it! However, I still wanted to date and maybe even find my big love. But how? A new dating community would be just perfect for me, I thought. During my research, I came across the online dating service Taleja.

The concept immediately fascinated me. As a woman, I can see date requests from men from my city. Thus, I came across a request from an attractive man in his mid-thirties looking for a shopping escort in Munich. Perfect. With a click I applied for the rendezvous, he started the chat and we arranged a meeting for the next day.

Dating a gentleman

We met at the Stachus Passagen in downtown Munich. He was already waiting for me at the agreed meeting point. An attractive gentleman in elegant jeans and a fine jacket. When he saw me in my red day dress, his eyes widened. “Hello, beautiful woman,” he said, hugging me. Kisses on the left, kisses on the right, a short chat, and off we went into the shopping center.

“Today is all about you,” he said. I could not believe it. Here was a man who just wanted to do something nice for me. Only because he found me attractive and apparently liked to pamper beautiful women. An indescribable feeling.

Find the perfect lingerie! See tips for gentlemen shoppers in the video.

Lingerie shopping

After we bought a new suit for him and had a delicious coffee-to-go, we stopped in front of a display window with lingerie. He looked at me – curiously and charmingly. I nodded. And a few minutes later we found ourselves surrounded by beautiful underwear.

Together we selected the most beautiful pieces. He really had an eye for what would suit me. And he was never intrusive. He ignored the price tags. It just didn’t matter to him how much it would cost. For him it was natural that he would buy me everything I wanted.

The mood was good and easy, and I felt I had known him forever. Thus, I had no big problems with showing him the lingerie on me. He was enthusiastic about every piece. However, our common choice fell on elegant stockings with lace and fine suspenders, a matching thong and a beautiful bra. Of course, he paid for everything without expecting anything in return.

See you soon!

The shopping trip was beautiful. I’ve never had such a date. And I’m glad to have had this experience. After the rendezvous we exchanged numbers and he gave me a loving goodbye kiss.

One day later, I received a message: “It was beautiful with you. Would you like to join me for dinner next week?”

I’m looking forward to our next date.