Singles in uniform: What makes them so irresistible?

A policeman on patrol. A doctor in the hospital aisle. A stewardess on her next scheduled flight. Or a sailor on a ship. They all have something special that attracts us. And that’s their uniform. We don’t know why, but we are truly fascinated by people in uniforms. This was also confirmed by a survey on an online dating portal.

Well, the survey actually asked about the attractiveness of costumes at Carnival. However, the trend clearly shows that the majority languishes for uniforms. Not only in Dusseldorf, but throughout Europe.

But why? Some psychologists and sociologists have investigated this question and have found answers.

4 reasons why uniforms are so hot

A uniform displays decisiveness. Women are emancipated these days. And yet, the female world is largely attracted by men who are strong and assertive. A uniform wearer immediately looks confident – and self-confidence is attractive. By the way: Men also like self-confident women. Thus, a pretty lady in uniform looks just as attractive as a smart man in his outfit.

A uniform implies durability. It’s hard to believe how our brain works – and what complex connections it makes subconsciously. Uniforms stand for perseverance and endurance. If you wear a uniform, you’ve usually earned it with hard work. If this knowledge is converted into a partnership, one assumes that this man or woman is reliable. Together we will be able to work out everything and achieve our goal. Sexy!

Couple at the love game in uniform

A uniform exudes solicitude.  Well, not every uniform. But a nurse or a pediatrician in a white coat certainly radiate a loving and caring manner. On the one hand. On the other hand, these outfits also stand for a great willingness to perform. Caring and willingness to perform – two attributes that men and women find difficult to resist.

A uniform is for the elite. Usually, people wearing a uniform belong to an exclusive circle or a special group. That makes them interesting. Outsiders instinctively want to be part of this elite. And which way could be better than with a partner from this particular circle?

Attractiveness: A simple prank on our brains?

Whether during a carnival date in Dusseldorf or in everyday life: Uniforms can imply a lot. For example, self-confidence, strength, power, perseverance, and attentiveness. These attributes, which are considered to be particularly attractive in our society, are automatically transferred to the wearer of the uniform.

Surely, our subconscious is playing a prank on us here. But that is not a problem. If you get to know a single in uniform and notice that even without a uniform, he has these special characteristics that he radiated through his outfit, you made a really good catch. And sometimes you should simply listen to your intuition.