Special sex places, during Corona: 5 ideas in your own four walls

Corona has caused all sorts of slacks. Slack in leisure time. Professional slack. Even a slack when it comes to lovemaking? Especially our beautiful capital city had to suffer a lot from the pandemic.

But what do adventurous couples and singles from Berlin do to spice up their love life? Making love in bed? Yawn. How boring. Also, outdoor encounters are not really fun right now. Either it’s too cold or too wet.

This leaves us with exciting love games in a thermal spa, in a hotel or maybe anywhere else during a holiday. But that won’t happen either. Corona.

In order to get more momentum into your love life, here come 5 ideas for rather unusual places where to enjoy an erotic adventure in your own four walls. A great inspiration for singles and couples. Have fun!

At the window, in the bathroom or on the floor?

  1. Love game with a view

Doggystyle offers all sorts of advantages. He enjoys a wonderful rear view. And she feels like she can surrender completely. It gets even more exciting when you choose this position at a window. For one thing, you both have a great view. On the other hand, despite being inside the apartment, there is somehow the danger of being caught. What if the neighbors notice something? That’s what makes this story exciting.

  1. Tryst in the home office

You may like it or not – the home office. But one thing is always true: Love games in the office are exciting also at home. Surprise each other at your workplace and enjoy a short quickie. This can be superhot. If that’s not exciting enough, include the swivel chair in your lovemaking. Or make a hot role-playing game out of it. Who is the boss – and who is the assistant?

  1. Wet and damp

The shower is waiting. And makes for frothy fun. You and your date partner can turn soaping and showering into a kind of prelude. And then do it together under the warm wet water. That’s something! But beware: it could be slippery. So be careful and don’t get too wild.

  1. Outdoors and yet at home

It’s a warm day and you wish to enjoy the fresh city air with your loved one, but don’t want to miss out on a little sensual fun? Then turn the balcony into your playground. Make love outdoors. This makes for variety – and brings you closer to each other. Here, too, the danger of being caught might turn you on even more.

  1. Date feeling in the hallway

These special minutes after the rendezvous when you start getting closer already in the hallway? This could be also fun with a steady partner, an affair or a casual date. Enjoy a short walk and then get wild in the hallway. How far you go is, of course, fully up to you. The grand finale may then take place in the apartment. 

Further inspiration for exciting sex places in the apartment

Test these sex places

So, did you discover some new ideas for your next encounter? Very good. Maybe these suggestions will inspire you on your next date in Berlin or when spending time with your loved one.

Try your favorites from the article. You’ll see:  At your home, some unusual places are waiting to be tested for lovemaking.