Stylish date: Romantic visit to the Vienna State Opera

Vienna, you are my favorite dating city! All rendezvous I have experienced here were truly unique. I had exciting, electrifying, erotic and also strange dates in this beautiful metropolis. However, one of the most beautiful dates was an appointment with a stylish gentleman who took me to the Vienna State Opera.

“How do you find such a date?” many of my friends asked me when I told them about my rendezvous and the visit to the opera. Well, definitely not by using a conventional dating app.

I switched to TALEJA after many date adventures. The single community is simply different from what I’ve found on dating portals. And that’s what I like about TALEJA. Here, men post online date requests that women like me can see. If I like a description, we may contact each other. And the fun starts.

For me, it’s a really brilliant concept. I’m sick and tired of receiving hundreds of messages, most of which turn out to be “Hey, how’s it going?” With TALEJA, I can establish targeted contacts with those men who appeal to me. And I don’t get unwanted messages.

A magical Casual Date in Vienna

As fate plays out, one evening, while scouring the date requests, I came across a man whom I immediately liked. He was in his mid-30s, slim, attractive – and was looking for a lady companion for an opera visit. Of course, I contacted him right away. After a nice chat, we arranged a meeting for the next day.

For the evening of the date I had chosen my most beautiful dress for the occasion: a long, red evening dress with a deep but elegant neckline. My make-up was festive and a little femme fatale style. I felt sexy and couldn’t wait to meet him.

We met in front of the Opera House. He had brought me a rose, gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek and offered me his arm. Together we entered the beautiful building.

He invited me to a glass of champagne. We cheered to the evening together, talked, and laughed a lot. The perfect prelude to a fantastic adult date in Vienna.  After about half an hour, the gong sounded. It was time for us to go to our seats. And what seats! My companion had spared no expense and effort. We sat on the balcony in a central position. We couldn’t have done better.

For the next three hours we listened to Verdi’s Otello. It was about love, jealousy and envy. The whole range of feelings. We were both absolutely thrilled.

The opera Otello in Vienna is ideal for a date:

Love at first sight?

The last act ended, and the audience was ecstatic. Everyone got to their feet. Me, too. I clapped enthusiastically, whistled and beamed. I noticed how my companion was always looking at me enthusiastically. I looked over to him and we kissed passionately.

After we had left the opera house, we walked a little through the streets of Vienna. We stopped at a small wine bar. It was still open; the rooms were immersed in candlelight. We both ordered a glass of our favorite red wines. I listened to him raptly because he had such exciting stories to tell from his life as a manager. As we looked deep into our eyes, he put his hand on mine. It was familiar, harmonious, somehow magical.

I don’t know if it was love. But it definitely felt like something special. In two weeks, he will return from his business trip from the USA. Then we will meet again.