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One of the most beautiful quarters in Dubai is the Emirates Hills. Many wealthy gentlemen and beautiful single women live here, who have very high expectations when it comes to finding a partner. Are you in the United Arab Emirates and looking for hot paid dates in the Emirates Hills? Then the adult dating service TALEJA is the right place for you.


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Paid Dating at its best

Casual dating is very trendy in Dubai. Singles who are self-respecting and appreciate luxury are looking for online dating with a certain something. Just like with paid adult dating. If you get involved in a paid adult date, you can enjoy one of the best private dates of your life. Full of passion, tingling, and eroticism. The dating website site TALEJA helps you to organize exactly such meetings.

Only wealthy and generous gentlemen who value time with a stylish woman are registered in this community for singles. On the other hand, at TALEJA you only get to know the most beautiful single ladies that Dubai has to offer. Are these not the ingredients for an incomparable fling or an erotic blind date?

Whether man or woman, single or engaged - if you have an open-minded personality and want to experience paid online dating, now is the time. Register today for free on the online dating website TALEJA and experience romantic casual dating in the United Arab Emirates.

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The online dating site TALEJA helps you to organize hot paid dates in Dubai Emirates Hills. As a woman, you see all casual date requests from your region and get in contact with your chosen one within seconds. As a man, you will enjoy the pleasure of Dating with exactly the pinch of eroticism you desire. Delete your dating app and register for free at TALEJA.

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Adult dating sites for stylish singles

Not all casual dating is the same. Some dating apps and speed dating events promise erotic dates. But in the end, the user only pays a lot of money for nothing.

This is not the case with TALEJA! Dating is not an advertising promise to attract open singles and engaged men. With our contact exchange, we have created a place where stylish people can meet and discreetly experience a fling or affair. But you can also find big love here. Dating with TALEJA is fun and often crowned with success.

Would you like to meet engaged people for an exciting adventure? Or would you like to write to singles online to experience hot paid dates in Dubai Emirates Hills? In the TALEJA Single Exchange chat, you'll start doing what you've been wishing for a long time. A passionate private date: romantic, sensual, erotic, luxurious and incomparable.

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Students, classic girls from next door and models in Emirates Hills

Discover which beautiful women are now registered in the online affair site TALEJA connecting singles. Some of the hottest ladies are in Dubai right now. What are you waiting for? Start your chat with the single lady of your dreams.


Julia, Mid 20`s



LittleSecret, Late 20`s



tittsForU, Late 30`s



KittyKatty, Mid 30`s



martalna, 18-21



Capo, 40 +



Alexa, Mid 30`s



Celine, Mid 20`s



Melissa, 18-21



Isabella, 18-21



Linda93, Mid 20`s


Khaleesi, Late 20`s



Isaka, 18-21



Sofie, Late 20`s



Melodie, Late 20`s



Englishgirl, Early 30`s


Irina, Mid 20`s



Aleynaa, 18-21



Claire, 18-21



BrazilianBABYHOT, Early 20`s


Hotels for discerning singles

The United Arab Emirates are one of the most beautiful places in the world. Dubai, in particular, is a place where you can indulge in luxury and spend the best time of your life. Crown your stay in this magnificent city with a hot paid date. And since a paid online date usually includes a night together, you should look for a suitable hotel in advance.

If the meeting between a TALEJA gentleman and a beautiful TALEJA single lady is to take place in the Emirates Hills, then the hotel Vida Emirates Hills is the right place. Here singles and couples enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time. The modern interior is convincing. Although the hotel is located in one of the best areas of the country, it is relaxed and casual.

Love goes through the stomach: Restaurant tips

With paid adult dating it is common for the man to invite his companion to do anything. Be it to common activities, to an overnight stay in a beautiful hotel or to an exclusive dinner in an upscale restaurant. Since the ladies in the Dubai Emirates Hills have particularly high standards, this should be the best of the best.

As is generally known, the eye eats as well. So how about a side trip to a restaurant where every dish looks like a little work of art? At Nineteen, which is centrally located in the Emirates Hills, singles and lovers of fine cuisine are served attractively presented dishes. A real tip for every paid date.

One of the few restaurants in the Emirate Hills that is open from dawn till dusk is Monty's. Here you and your date will be served delicious breakfast in the morning and delicious menus in the evening. A visit to a restaurant is particularly lovely when the weather is good - as this is almost always the case in Dubai. Because outdoors it is romantic, stylish and simply fantastic.

Do you or your dating companion prefer vegetarian food? The Roseleaf Cafe at the Emirates Golf Club offers small delicacies and freshly brewed coffee recipes as well as some vegetarian specialties on the menu. Whether at lunchtime with freshly baked cake or in the evening with hearty dishes - this is a place for singles and couples.


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These bars are the best place for flirting

Every casual date requires a hot flirt. After all, the mood should be properly heated up before going to the hotel together at a late hour and turning the night into day. Before that, we have a recommendation for a drink: The Spike Bar. The bar of the Emirates Golf Club is open from midday and provides you with drinks as well as small and big delicacies until late in the evening.

Le Petit Belge is a bar with a stylish pub atmosphere. People from all over the world dine and drink here at fair prices. The bar in the Lake Towers on some nights offers great live music. The atmosphere could not be better than this. Take your sweet single lady to this beautiful place to strengthen the bond between you, and get closer. Then later it will be even hotter.

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Casual Dating in Emirates Hills

As a single man with style, you know what you want. And that's dating gorgeous people like you. Take your chances on erotic paid dates in the United Arab Emirates. With the TALEJA dating site for singles, you will find the perfect partner for a pleasurable encounter in Dubai. Discover the single community with all its possibilities now.

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Getting to know singles online will be the greatest fun of your life. With TALEJA. The contact exchange takes the search for an ideal partner to a whole new level. A level that meets you and your requirements. Register now free of charge.