Paid Dating Jumeirah: Exciting Adult Dates

When breathtaking natural scenery meets unattainable wealth, only one place comes to mind: Jumeirah. It is considered one of Dubai's most wealthy districts and with its fine sandy beach and exclusive hotels makes it the perfect location for a paid date. What are you waiting for? Experience a fling in Dubai Jumeirah with TALEJA adult dating.


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Exciting paid dates in Jumeirah

The online dating site for singles TALEJA takes your ideal partner search to a new level. Through its single community, you will meet and talk to people who are just like you: open-minded, ambitious and looking for exciting adventures. No one wastes their time here. Everyone gets exactly what they want. But how is that possible?

With a casual dating app, it usually works like this: You come across a profile that you like, you chat, you meet - and if you are very lucky, you have a great time together. But honestly: How often does that happen? In most cases, you have different expectations. The casual date becomes a fiasco.

With the Paid Dating Website TALEJA, this can't happen to you. Before the first contact, the male user specify how the meeting should look like. A TALEJA lady only contacts him if she likes it. In this way, the chat only brings together those who fit each other. Thus, a hot adult dating adventure is imminent.

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TALEJA: The serious casual dating site

Organize paid online dates with TALEJA. Here you can find a discreet fling, a hot blind date, a sensual affair or a love for life. Everything is possible. Nothing is mandatory. As a man, you simply place your paid date request online today and as a woman, find the rendezvous you have always dreamed of.

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Get to know singles online - easier than ever!

With the casual online dating website TALEJA which is connecting singles, you will experience paid dates as easy as never before. All registered singles want the same here: A sensual time and romantic adult dates. The single community is particularly worthwhile for ladies: Every woman is paid by her companion for a TALEJA date. This is how the man expresses his appreciation for the time his dream lady has spent with him.

As a man, the online dating site TALEJA offers you absolute flexibility and freedom of choice. You decide when and where your rendezvous should take place. And you have a large selection of beautiful ladies who want to experience exactly your dream date with you. On the Paid Dating Service TALEJA, everybody gets what they want. What are you waiting for? Experience Casual Dating again!

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Students, classic girls from next door and models in Jumeirah

Speed dating and adult dating apps aren't your thing? Then the exclusive contact exchange TALEJA is probably the right alternative for you. Here you will find beautiful ladies in Jumeirah who want to experience an erotic adventure with you.

Early 30`s



SashkavanLarouche, Mid 20`s



Tanja0092, Mid 20`s



Belle, Early 20`s


Eva, Mid 20`s



selina, Mid 30`s



Lina, Mid 20`s



Annastasiaa, 18-21



KatyLust, Mid 20`s



lili, 18-21



Isaka, 18-21



Mia220, Late 20`s



Zoey033, Early 20`s

Practice nurse


Cherie, 40 +



MagdalenaMan, Late 20`s



Denise, Early 20`s



Maggi, Early 20`s



Claudia, Late 20`s



SweetLady, Late 20`s



Secretstory06, 18-21

TALEJA Online Dating Service: Suitable hotels

It is our conviction: adult dating needs more style. That's why we founded the single exchange TALEJA for open-minded singles and committed people. This is where you begin your erotic adventure in a chat - and end in a stylish hotel. As Jumeirah is one of the noblest areas of Dubai, couples can choose between numerous 5-star hotels here.

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel, among others, opens its doors to you. The world's best chefs work their magic to deliver unforgettable dishes in the hotel's restaurants. Also, a gigantic wellness landscape is waiting for you and your single companion to explore. And best of all: from your bed you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Persian Gulf. Who would have thought that something so wonderful could come out of a chat?

Here sophisticated singles dine in Jumeirah

In Jumeirah, the noble hotels are located close to each other. And almost all of them have a restaurant - or even several. If you and your partner get hungry during your casual date, the next restaurant is not far away. How about a trip to COYA Dubai, a Peruvian restaurant whose ambiance and dishes are in a class of their own.

A cozy atmosphere and an incomparable all-you-can-eat offer await you and your single companion at the Yashar Palace Restaurant. The food and the staff are highly rated by visitors from all over the world. If you want to enjoy delicious Persian cuisine, this is the place to be.

The 3 Fils Restaurant is casual but still at the top culinary level. This small but fine location is open from lunchtime onwards. Here you can enjoy modern Asian cuisine. Sushi, octopus, fresh ice cream - everything here tastes simply fantastic. A jewel of pleasure for singles and couples looking for something special.

Does your single companion or your stylish male dating partner like Mexican cuisine? You'll find them in Jumeirah too. At Loca Restaurant & Bar Dubai, authentic Mexican dishes and Tex-Mex classics are served from noon until late at night. This place is perfect for singles.


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Get closer: Bars with a sea view

Dubai Jumeirah is known for its beautiful white sandy beach. But what a pity if you want to have a drink. And you have to turn your back on the beach and go to a bar in a building. Not right! You and your date can also just sit down at the Beach Bar of the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa and enjoy a cocktail with your feet in the sand. If you prefer a chic view to the beach, go to the Uptown Bar.

From the exclusive lounge, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Dubai. Some acclaim this bar as the coolest in Dubai. Is this true? Just find out during your casual date. One thing's for sure: Your rendezvous here will definitely be beautiful.

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Your unforgettable fling with TALEJA

Meet singles and other open-minded people in Jumeirah. With the affair site TALEJA you will find exactly the right person for you. Without having to search through hundreds of profiles. Describe a adult date, chat, meet. It is as simple as that.

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Your hot paid date is waiting

Paid dating is one of the best things that could happen to you! Especially if you use the affair site TALEJA. With the online dating service, you can organize adult dates the way you have always wanted to. Casual, sensual and simply beautiful.