Chat abbreviations for flirting

Dating Glossary

Would you like to make the first move in the chat with your single lady? Or clarify the details of your paid date with your selected gentleman? Then you should know the common chat acronyms. Here you will learn what they mean – and how you can use them for flirting.


4U – for you

Use this abbreviation to highlight small, digital gifts. Like a rose emoji. Or to express how much money a date with your classic girl from next door is worth to you.


AFK – away from keyboard

If you have to interrupt the conversation in the chat because you are leaving the PC or laptop, you can use this abbreviation.


ASAP – as soon as possible

You would like to enjoy the date with your single lady in the near future? Then make that clear to your chosen one in the chat with this acronym.


ASL – age, sex & location

The perfect abbreviation to ask your selected single or dream woman in the chat for his/her key data.


btw – by the way

If you want to mention something in the chat that is not directly related to the topic you're talking about but might be relevant to your chosen single lady or gentleman, initiate it with btw.


cu – see you

The ideal acronym to say goodbye in a chat.


dev – devout

With this abbreviation you express a submissive sexual inclination.


dom – dominant

With this abbreviation you express a dominant sexual inclination.


FTW – for the win

With this acronym, you explicitly praise or exalt a thing positively. The date with your dream woman can take place today? FTW!


FWB – friends with benefits

This abbreviation, but also the full phrase, usually refers to a man and a woman, who are just friends but now and then have sex with each other.


fyi – for your information

 You use this acronym if you want to explicitly inform your chat partner about something. For example, what is most important for you during a date.


GN8 – good night

The perfect abbreviation if you and your chat partner want to go to sleep and say goodbye.


LOL – laughing out loud

If you're laughing about a chat joke and wish to tell your single lady or single man about it.


LTR – long-term relationship

Hereby you make clear what you are looking for and that you are not interested in an ONS.


N8 – night

A goodbye to wish your beautiful female student or your selected single a good night.


np – no problem


NS – non-smoker

Mostly shown in profiles to make it clear that you are a non-smoker. Or in a date requests to show that you prefer a non-smoker for the date.


ONS – one-night stand

This abbreviation makes it clear that you are looking for some fun for just one night.


plz – please

You want to ask your single man for a favor? Or you would like something special for your date? Then use this abbreviation to ask nicely.

PM – pocket money

In an  relationship, the term for the amount that the man gives to his single woman for each meeting or monthly.


ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing

You find a joke in the chat so funny that you can barely talk, and you could roll on the floor laughing? Then use this acronym.


RPG – role-playing games

We're not talking about board games here, but a sexual variety in which the participants slip into different roles.


Sry – sorry


sub – submissive

With this abbreviation you express a devout sexual inclination.


WE – weekend


WTF – What the fuck?

This expression is not only negatively connotated. Mostly this abbreviation is used to express surprise, or great astonishment.


YMMD – You made my day

A big compliment in the chat when a single lady or a gentleman has brightened your day with his/her great attitude.