Coin Packages for the TALEJA Chat

Whether you're an attractive single lady or a stylish gentleman, registering with Taleja is completely free. The fun starts later in the chat. Then, you'll need a Coin package.

100 Coins

1 Coin: 0,29 €

29 €
200 Coins

1 Coin: 0,22 €

44 €
500 Coins

1 Coin: 0,18 €

88 €
1000 Coins

1 Coin: 0,13 €

129 €

Credit Cards

At the sign-up, we gift you one-time 25 Coins, with which you may open 2.5 chats for free!

Our Right of Withdrawal Policy is available here

Men who want to open a chat with a lovely lady need 10 Coins. However, women may also make the first move. They'll pay 10 Coins to open a chat. Therefore: Endless chatting until your personal meeting.

Find out more about our fair Coin refund policy here.




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