Coin Packages for the Taleja Chat

Whether you're an attractive single lady or a stylish gentleman, registering with Taleja is completely free. The fun starts later in the chat. Then, you'll need a Coin package.

10 Coins

1 Coin: 1,00 €

10 €
50 Coins

1 Coin: 0,94 €

47 €
100 Coins

1 Coin: 0,89 €

89 €
200 Coins

1 Coin: 0,79 €

158 €

Credit Cards

To celebrate the launch of Taleja, we'll give you 10 Coins, with which you can open five chats for free!

Our Right of Withdrawal Policy is available here

Men who want to open a chat with a lovely lady need 1 Coins. However, women may also make the first move. They'll pay 1 Coins to open a chat. Therefore: Endless chatting until your personal meeting.

Find out more about our fair Coin refund policy here.




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