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Notting Hill has become a real tourist magnet since the great success of the film with the same name. But singles also like to visit this place on a casual date - after all, this is one of the most romantic districts in London. Organise your paid date in Notting Hill now with the adult dating site TALEJA.


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TALJEA: The partner search for sensual meetings

TALEJA is your paid dating platform for London, the whole of England and the entire United Kingdom. Maybe you have been using a dating app so far. Well, you should say goodbye to that now. Because with TALEJA you can experience exciting casual dates - without any obligations.

Your membership on the TALEJA online dating service is completely free of charge. Sign up today and organize an online date where sensual romance and hot nights are the main attractions. Get involved in a fling. Find an attractive single for an affair. Embark on a partner search. Whichever you are looking for: With TALEJA connecting singles, you will find exactly the person you want. Get started now and get to know the most beautiful singles online.

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Chat with wealthy men and beautiful single women from Notting Hill. With the online dating website TALEJA, you get direct contact to the most sought-after singles from London. The date request brings together people who want the same thing. Start the chat with your ideal partner now.

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Get closer: Better than speed dating

Dating apps are often a waste of time. Even if the choice of singles is large, it is difficult to organize the desired rendezvous. The problem is that the expectations differ. While one is looking for a one-night stand, the other is looking for big love. Disappointments are inevitable.

You can't experience that with the casual dating portal TALEJA. In the date request, the male users give details of their dream date. Contact is only established if a single woman agrees to the gentleman's details. Either she starts the chat with him - or she activates her profile for him.

The highlight: The TALEJA single ladies are not escorts. They are classic women from next door - but beautiful and successful. Via the TALEJA single exchange, wealthy men have the chance to arrange casual dates with the most beautiful women in London. This is worthwhile for both sides. The man can approach an attractive woman in an uncomplicated way. The woman receives a financial reward from the man for her time.

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Affair site for singles from Notting Hill

Start your chat now and talk to one of these beautiful single ladies from Notting Hill. Find your ideal partner for an erotic adult date and leave the everyday life behind you. The TALEJA contact exchange makes your wishes come true.


Beautylady, Late 20`s



Vivienne, Mid 20`s



Fiona1,80m, Early 30`s



Ella, 18-21



Mrsbella, 18-21



Luna, 18-21



Lola, Late 20`s


Veronica, Early 20`s



Municgirl, 18-21



Minou, Early 30`s



Attia, Mid 20`s



Casadea, 18-21



Lillyoana, Mid 20`s


Brown69, Late 30`s



Natascha, Mid 20`s



JayJay, Early 30`s



Michelle, 18-21



India, Mid 30`s



akiva, Late 20`s



Micina, Mid 20`s


Discreet hotels for a fling

When it comes to a discreet paid date, you should find a nice hotel and book a room. Here you can spend the night and get to know each other undisturbed.

One of the most popular places to spend the night is the Portobello House. This 4-star hotel has a trendy English bistro and cocktail bar. A place where you can relax and start your adult dating adventure.

If you like it a little more exclusive, The Laslett could be just what you're looking for. Singles with high standards will appreciate the elegant rooms. Enjoy the comfort of your bed, surrounded by original works of art.

Notting Hill Apartments Ltd. is a discreet and secret place for private dating, where you will only have eyes for the two of you in your own beautiful apartment in the heart of Notting Hill.

Paid Dating: Restaurant Tips

Crown your experience with a joint visit to a restaurant. Getting to know each other a little before your night together will make the affair all the hotter. Fortunately, there are some great restaurants in Notting Hill that are perfect for an online date.

Singles looking for a partner simply have to go to this restaurant: The Core by Clare Smyth. It is one of the finest places in Notting Hill - the ideal place to impress a beautiful woman. Owner Clare Smyth was head chef at the flagship restaurant of star chef Gordon Ramsay for many years. Emerging from the elite of London's cuisine, you'll find upscale cuisine here that is hard to beat.

Ledbury is also a restaurant that attracts modern gourmets. This starred restaurant was honoured by S.Pellegrino as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world. Allow yourself to be spoiled by chef Brett Graham. Here online dating becomes a luxurious experience.

You won't go wrong with Italian cuisine. So if you're looking for a good Italian, make sure you get a table at the Portobello Garden Arcade Italian Restaurant. Freshly cooked, typical Italian dishes and a relaxed atmosphere will make you happy all around.


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Bar recommendations for casual dating

Loosen up the mood, get to know each other, get closer to each other - all this is possible in one of the casual cocktail bars in Notting Hill. Trailer Happiness is the place to be. The hip bar will immediately cast a spell over you. The colourful, tasteful interior and the excellent atmosphere will captivate you. The cocktails are well-loved. But wine and beer are also on the menu. One of the coolest bars in Notting Hill.

If you like long drinks and well-mixed cocktails, Portobello Star is your address. The bar is cosy and informal, with live music every Thursday night. Tip: stop by for a happy hour and enjoy two cocktails for the price of one.

You don't want it to be overly chic and not necessarily cocktails? Do you prefer a good beer and a casual conversation in a rustic atmosphere? Then visit The Elgin. The heritage-listed inn is part of Real Ale's National Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors campaign. The pub was built in the mid-19th century and is now open to the public.

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TALEJA adult dating: Safe and reliable

What happens in the single community TALEJA remains secret. The dating portal allows you to organize your erotic dates in an SSL-encrypted environment. Only other TALEJA members will see your photos. The TALEJA ladies even have to release their pictures for every user before they can be viewed.

Find your ideal partner now and look forward to a sensual night in Notting Hill.

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