Paid Dating Shoreditch: Hot erotic dates

Shoreditch is the perfect place for young singles and engaged people with an interest in a fling. The stylish artists' district is one of London's first destinations for paid dates, where a visit to a cool bar or stylish restaurant can be arranged. What are you waiting for? Organise your adult dating adventure with TALEJA now.


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Online dating service with TALEJA

TALEJA is different from classic dating apps. This dating service hosts singles and couples who are looking for something really special. They are not looking for the classic rendezvous as we know it, but for adventure, tingling and eroticism. At TALEJA sensuality is in the foreground. Just like crackling tension and hot nights.

TALEJA is based on the paid dating principle. The TALEJA single ladies are paid for their time by their male companions. The idea behind it: The meeting takes place the way the man wants it to. In return, the lady is paid. Finally, she takes her time to fulfil the man's wishes. Finally, the ladies are among the most desirable singles England has to offer.

That's right: With the adult dating portal TALEJA, connecting singles, you as a man have the chance to meet the most beautiful women in the UK - and to Connecting singles to them. As a woman, you will enjoy wonderful erotic dates, with which you can earn some extra money on the side. Sound good? Then register now in the singles community.

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Dating with TALEJA means fun and freedom. You get to know the most beautiful single women from Shoreditch and meet them for paid dates that leave nothing to be desired. Post your date request online now and start chatting with the hottest singles you can find in London.

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Singles online: Experience the perfect Online Date

TALEJA is the ideal contact exchange for generous gentlemen with high standards. You can organise hot paid dates with beautiful single women via the online dating site. Decide when and where your rendezvous should take place and how much you would like to pay your ideal partner for her time with you. Talk with beautiful ladies who want to fulfil your wishes. And arrange an erotic adult date in Great Britain. Dating apps and speed dating cannot compete with this.

Are you a single lady with style, standard and discerning? Then the casual dating site TAJEA is the right place for you. Here you will meet wealthy men who appreciate you and your time. Check out the adult dating requests from Shoreditch and show interest in dating gentlemen who exactly meet your taste. Best of all: Your profile will only be seen by those men for whom you explicitly activate them. This way your privacy is protected in the best possible way.

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Students, classic girls from next door and models in Shoreditch

Paid dating is exciting, sensual and erotic. Who would not want such a rendezvous? Meet the most beautiful single ladies from London and experience a casual date that does not only meet your expectations but even exceeds them.


Sassylove24, Mid 20`s



Naysha, 40 +



Lola, Mid 20`s



Emy, Early 30`s



Amalya, Late 20`s



Emma, Early 30`s



Capo, 40 +



LillyM, 18-21



Lenna, Mid 20`s



Jessica, Mid 20`s



JOEJOE, Early 30`s






Ayliiin, Mid 20`s



Mariposita, Early 30`s



Nicole, 18-21


Lara, Mid 20`s



Andreea, Mid 20`s



Melanie, Early 20`s



Luna, Mid 20`s


Affair in Shoreditch: Hotel tips

The highlight of every TALEJA online date is definitely a night together. After an eventful day, you relax and get closer to each other in a discreet house. Now, we will reveal to you where single people like you are welcome.

A particularly nice hotel for singles and couples travelling in Shoreditch is the Shoreditch Inn. The hotel is not classy and luxurious. But it is comfortable, discreet, modern and in the best location. The service will also satisfy you.

If you want it particularly classy, then spend the night in the Ace Hotel. The trendy hotel with beautiful rooms leaves nothing to be desired. A lobby café, a bar and a brasserie offer you enough possibilities to get to know each other better before a tête-à-tête.

Online dating tips: Restaurants

Round off your paid dating experience by enjoying a dinner together in one of London's trendiest areas. We know some of the hotspots where singles like you will feel at home. However, there are also a few insider tips waiting for you.

Maybe you discussed in your chat about which cuisine you like best. If Indian dishes are part of it, then you should visit the Dishoom Shoreditch. Every visit here is a very authentic experience. But you should make a table reservation - otherwise, you might have to wait for a long time.

For singles with very high expectations, Shoreditch of course also offers a restaurant of the extra class. At The Clove Club, singles dine at star level. The restaurant is also mentioned in the Guide Michelin. If you think that this fancy restaurant has a tense atmosphere, you're wrong. This is a casual place.

Maybe in the chat of the single exchange TALEJA, you found out that you both like to eat Italian? Then off you go to the Popolo Shoreditch. The concrete floors and unplastered brick walls give the restaurant its unique atmosphere, as already noted by a Michelin Guide. The fresh pasta and homemade desserts are of gourmet standard.


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Dating Service: Bars for singles

What starts on the online dating site for singles, TALEJA, usually leads to a bar. Shoreditch, in particular, is known for its extraordinary bar scene, where open-minded singles like you will feel at home. One of them is the Callooh Callay - a cocktail bar that also offers excellent wines and fresh beer. The extraordinary bar design will fascinate you. The service is fast. The drinks are delicious. The prices are reasonable.

One particularly popular bar is the Found. The atmosphere here is always relaxed, even on weekends. The cocktails taste great and are quite affordable with a view of the premises. Generally, it is very relaxed here. Relaxing with friends, flirting with singles or just getting in the mood for a night together - almost anything is possible here. The perfect place for easy-going and modern singles.

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Contact exchange and single community

Tired of your dating app? Are you looking for a dating site that meets your needs? Would you like to meet only people who are looking for the same thing as you? Then TALEJA is the ideal place for you. Here you can find affairs, flings, one-night stands, romances or even great love. Start chatting now with the hottest singles from London.

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