Five dating ideas for a romantic summer

Life takes place outdoors. Everywhere, there’s the scent of sunscreen, fries, and freshly baked ice cream waffles. The warm sunshine tickles the skin. Yes, summer is here. And that is probably the best season to fall in love.

No matter if it’s a date in Hamburg, Dusseldorf or Munich: Singles now have the chance to experience a truly unforgettable time. There are so many possibilities that open up to you. Also, you may use the summer to your advantage – especially if you’ve just met!

Fancy a few dating tips? Here, you’ll find the best ideas for a romantic time for new lovers.

Dating tips for the summer

Since the weather is nice, you should spend your time together mainly in the open air. And there are so many things you can experience.

1. A night under the stars. Is there anything more romantic? Grab a blanket and leave at sunset: Find a quiet place where you can watch the starry sky and enjoy being together. An unforgettable experience. And the perfect ambience to get closer to each other.

2. Open Air Cinema. How about watching a movie together? But not in a dark, dusty cinema, but outdoors! In the summer, there will certainly be an open-air cinema near you that plays popular classics. Choose a romantic movie, go to the open-air cinema and snuggle up to each other while watching an old film.

Find more tips to discover where and how a date becomes truly special – Watch the video:

3. Rent a cabriolet. So obvious, and yet, far too few people think of it. Rent a convertible and go on a road trip together. With the hood down, on lonely country roads, the scent of freshly mowed grass in your nose, you’ll both be so joyful with happiness. An experience that connects.

4. A jaunt to the beach. The classic. And it is always beautiful. If the sea is not too far away, pack your swimsuit and take a spontaneous trip to the beach. Tip: If it’s too far, then just visit a beautiful lake.

5. Back to the past. If you have more than just a summer romance in mind, then it’s time to open up. Show each other the places where you spent your childhood. The old school, the former kindergarten or even the neighborhood where you grew up. Sharing old memories creates a bond. And you get to know each other better.

Dating in bad weather

Of course, there are so many more things that you can do together in the summer. Even in case of bad weather. Simply plan a spontaneous weekend trip to a sunny region or experience dating in a metropolis like Vienna. You may also stay in your area, get dressed up and go to a laid-back jazz bar. With a delicious long drink and chilled saxophone sounds the bad weather is soon forgotten.

It doesn’t matter which ideas you choose: The experiences you’ll make together will connect you. And forever be remembered.